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Jayz and his big lips are at least 4 lips-his album 444 is 444 percent-lyrical and for 44 percent-of music intakers who are smart enough to understand it-Rihanna mourns the death of a Chester that didnt even know her like that-She just lost in the moment with her hangwomen instagram avi she the little Candywomen And-why kill yourself with all that money with a world full of beautiful women?-Angelina went braless and took her boobies on tour-to the Los Feliz L.A Toy Store-Camisole blacc fits-like Kaze to Kami on Riggin-She looking high like my ceiling pointing at me and Tooty-I by the bar for her as we take shots out of tits that look bigger then booties-Size Triple D that's 444-on Level 4-like Salinas Valley B, C, and D Yards I been to all of them before-just like in New Folsom A, B, and C Yards with Nip pull with Nips dat pull while I was housed in C-4-the he she say move to L.A but they show him Kevin Gates shut no love-Statesville themed like Cali is not even your state cuzz-like a cook or a big goon eating well in the wrong county-that's why the heat was there like a cook always with the fire-to many haters wanna label liars-falesly just so they could expire-oh yeah just like the expensive watches and the group Big Tymers-thanks to Wayne's World Messiah-the blacc Michael Myer's-with a new tat on his face like a new mask all the time-about to collect the candy from the courts like it's Halloween time-is what it looks like-Tricc or Treat like how my Pumpkin Hoes say-I tell them both then with candy in there mouth they go both wayz-until they overdose and die-like Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill's career but she say Still I Rise-not even in the clearance isle in Walmart-the Walton's opposite what ball what card?-what happend to the score-that's what you get for messing with a child molester and rapist that loves kids under 4?-fo sho no diss-to Wyclef he don't deserve none of this-Sweetest Girl and his music I definitely dig-after all my life is a Carnival I love me some light pink cotton candy-lookin like Rihanna on Lil Bo Peep countin white sheep until it's blacc cotton candy-both Kim's seem not to like O.J of course the Goldman side-and the Kardashian tweeted her new clothing line-at the same time-the Juice got loose in a attempt to steal the shine-of the spotlight?-even Dr.Robin wearing cotton is everyday saying OHH Jay!-she loves my evident DNA-it's Loyalty like with no Dre-I blocced a gang of those hoes they trife-we don't need no haters tryna love one another all day and night-but they swear they were married to J that's blige-no muthafuccin "RIDE"-too many haters wanna speak on me like if I'm the Lakers-but when I got out to the NBA they ain't nothin but fakers-had to shade and blocc them traders-and I'm still slangin my shit to famous female's in Hollywood framers-friend zone only for them other doggystyle hoes I won't be trainin-I'm so ghetto if I had a Zillion I'd still eat Ramen's-just more rarer flavors that are hard to find like just consider them already bought mang-they are M.I.A in the Supermarket in Albertson's-had to hit up K.D for the Hollywood hook up fresh out the Aubert bin-mang I'm they Cocc Hero they sho was low-until I sent them my Candyman bumps in they throats-now I'm lookin like a Atlas Man Golden Globe-you see Jay like Cuesta Way-clicced up with Hillside and Maxavelli Da Choppah don't play-it's automatic like J and Max eating when we say chomper-or chopper-whether it's summer or not I beat the heat by being too cool-with entities of all sizes, gender, races, ages, that's the true rule-they came from the coal mines-to Red Onion State Prison where Inmates don't shine-if I was there Master of The Game Red Diamond I ain't hard to find-the C.O's is coal miners and I'm burried underground the King like Tut burried alive-we stucc in a piccle jar we could never get kosher with-Pyongyang is our status-you other haters laccing a power grid your circuit maggotz-no pictures please the Original Hoodstar shine-will leave you no good marred, and blind-I do this from L.A Ritz Carlton to 14th Street Denver Colorado-she the view she calls me on auto-she my caller on auto-if it don't fit-then you must aquit-if it don't Ima make it fit-rip by rip-it's called bronco on a bitch-the orange crush until she quit-it was Tukanas on Cocaine Music hit-Aladdins Camel 2 humps on Avalanche Way snow hit-thanx to my 2 bananna diccs-on poking no miss-we happy campers like the Windows 10 lime green tent-we don't need no lime green indo to keep us bent-losing tracc of time would be a lot more fun-if I had a Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph AP tellin time with the sun-I chanel into her Hermes-like it's our own private channel just her and me-she want me to rev it and GTA it fast-she hit me up on my Tonino Lamborghini as I smash the gas-I throw her in the Room 101 bag-and call it a wrap-now she's in my Mak Trap-11 Da Foxx gloved that-like Foxglove grippin Markland-she my mark to get LAnd-high den a muthafucca in Da Park mang-that Ostrich fur made sure she put her head in the sand she going to sleep-in the hourglass to catch some winks-then butterflies like Z's-Pappilon Queen-show em how to spread like orange, luccy green,- and red bedsheets-them wingz-breakfast at Tiffany's with a lamp-the lonely life of a Madman-Tiffany and Company utensils to pour and prepare the Abstinithe-fresh out the Green Fairies abstracts and ash-Wormwood toothpiccs to get out the sour's last-1 up all day like 10,000-Ima Pac Man Champ eating over GrandLAnd-we the Yellow Cyber Ghost Pacman-getting ghost in the World's Biggest Pacman-posted in the invisible web-waiting for the rainbow ghosts Alphabet Cereal marshmellows for breakfest-like bars from the stars we chomp on them-Milky Way until it's Grade A Cheese sticcs-heat it up they gotta feel it-then we peel them off and connect them by cheese strings-to the other ghosts who wanna chase me-and my Yellow Cyber Ghost Team-we off the VP trap em in our network-no computer hackers just real Internet work-it's the NWA Gangsta beats that hit like the Trap-ninjaz should do they research before putting to many 808's on a recycled hat or clap-listen to those NWA, Compton's Most Wanted and S.C.C loud as super bass Gangsta Rap beats they sound on the levels of Trap-you heard of Ice T and Schooly D of course you have-just like you heard of King T and Kid Frost listen to those loud ass beats very similar to Trap-but ninjaz from the South originated that?-now there's no such thing as G-Funk either to some new booty ass bubble gum rap-bitch you ain't really bout dat-put some double hats on in this dirty macking trap game-niggaz don't keep it clean you need at least 2 condoms to fucc with they frame-you gotta wear at least 2 hats around them dirty snakes-with that are 2 faced-6 in the mornin we gotta watch out for the unwanted Snurfers-creepin on that Avalanche Way waiting for me and the Fam to resurface-I'm pushing like a L.A Parkside Killa G-Swag Surfing-they say rhymes don't pay?-but this Unknown D.J collecting hundreds if not a billion plus in hay-from the red B.A-I don't need a degree or a B.A-I'm takin it bacc to the Brooklyn Ave blue B.A-I grew up with real ninjaz from Compton Ima Original Gangsta from Midnight-I rep AP like Andre Pierre the real Andre-me and Genius Boy we drilled them out that's just a ontray-I'm warnin ya brother like the Sire-come fucc with the Record Label you already retired-like you passin out Eminem concert fliers-I started rappin when I was going to Macy and George Elder Memorial Park-it ain't no riddle you see the Green Question Mark?-born on Fidler Ave in Bellflower and Rosecrans area that was the start-and also on the Avenue of Clark-a Bluegrove spitter-Natural Born Crip winner-listen to the Westcoast Gangsta Rap beats from even the 80's-they sound like Trap Beats by Shawty Redd so who's faking?-a shitty ass ostrich with his head in some boo boo mud-confused and in a rut-Mad Cow Disease got you fucced up-industry left overs don't make you a real thug-neither does one gun-where yo street rep at young street punk?-ain't nobody scared of you hush pups-let's meet up?-hmu at my gmail who ever want sum-and be prepared to sign a real contract with your blood-take the bassline from Gangsta Rap beats and instrumentals and call it Trap-but where I'm from we call that Gangsta Rap-but the way I spit it's called Lean or Gangsta Trap-bite off our style all day like they always do-then don't give us no credit because they with the red or blue?-naw more like the Dirty Dozen part 2-Eminem's Lose Yourself Soldier crew-the things these wanna be fake bubble gum rappers now a days will and won't do-if I was your Mom or Dad I be straight ashamed of you-for not respecting the Roots-of Original Rap Music and the story line of it too-and you know the Major Record Labels own those old Gangsta Rap beats or it's big lawsuits-and you know they basically all work together so that's a waste of time too-to try and sue one another with results of Book Publishing Companies you get trapped in a Legal Zoo-a Courtroom Catch 22-where the catch is not worth the food-or dues-stealing or borrowing original Westcoast Beats then putting extra army hats of camo on them ain't coo-when you dissing people who haven't done nuthin too you-

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