[Intro: Malcolm X]
And once we see that all these other sources to which we’ve turned have failed, we stop turning to them and turn to ourselves
Once you change your philosophy, you change your thought pattern. Once you change your thought pattern, you change your attitude. Once you change your attitude, it changes your behavior pattern

[Verse 1: Vic Mensa]
This is a higher level of thought
I let the mind work and the song play the long way
To show the true meaning of the heart
Yeah, take it back to start
In 6th grade, when I was stealing
And never thinking of getting caught
Then I came up, got a little game up
Used to leave up out the playground and go flame up
Writing graffiti tryin' to get a nigga name up
The paint used to bubble on the glass
Like pourin' champagne up
Started out fast, no change up
I Rememberin when you hear a girl parents on the phone and you hang up
Man the first time I got arrested I was 13
Stealin blunts from the store blowin dirt green
Paint on my clothes, I couldn't keep a shirt clean
Never been a bench player, always on the first team
And PHLI put me on that fresh shit in '06
When I used to call shoes in the store, "kicks."
The part your memory omits
Ain't nobody see it like a youtube video with no hits
I spit crack, keep the fiends with a flow fix
Ya girl is bomb my nigga, she blow dicks
I'm trappin', and I ain't never sold no bricks
Grindin' in the same pair of jeans till the hole rips
I thought I made when I started buying whole zips
And now my niggas are blowing O's like smoke tricks
Listening to Wiz, higher then a flight school
I keep a 4 point, and I'on even like school
I'm hotboxin' with the tint to let the light through
I lot of niggas be trippin about the shit I might do
I'm like a wrinkle in time
I would rather make a classic
Than drop a fuckin single and sign
Let them other niggas mingle in line, twinkle and shine
A star ??? 99 brinkle to grind
It's cold wine when I drink and I dine
Got problems, but I'm like bougie bitches
I be thinkin I'm fine
Now hol' up
Who do you go to, when you the one to go to?
And ya'll don't the shit they be sayin' like goku
Look, you know the bars get dumber every other summer
I'm like izzy nigga, finger, snap, bummer
Greg, what up? I'm the rapper he the drummer
You the lame and ya girl do the pipe, she the plumber
I'm zoned out, flyin in a another dimension
Another day, another detention
Smokin with eddie and em
Gramps bout to puff on his pension
And I just fuckin suspension
So I'm back where i started at
Cardiac, flow get a heart attack
The snapback cap was dead 'fore I brought it back
Nigga you could call me mister starter cap
You be on that sucka shit cuffin
Her pop said he want his daughter back
You the wrong side of the track
You like an artifact
And I was probably sittin in class when I thought of that
It's a couple of different ways you make of it
And I'm chillin with....

[Outro: Saul Williams]
Now is the essence of my domain
And it contains all that it was and will be
And I am as I always and will be
Cause I am and always will be that nigga
I am that nigga. I am that nigga
I am that nigga

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