I'm lookin at Brianna Mackin lyrics and it says transcribing-cuz I'm lookin at them with my two green eyed opticz-right befoe my eyez rip-cuz I'm Mak 11 Da Foxx with Ronald Big Mac Donald alwayz super sizin-the white devil grooming artists-after hating all these years turning them into Bartists-a simps son in progress-how a Rap Fraud gonna be the hardest-when the Game of Rap don't count you ever since your Copyright Piracy started-Blame it on the Rain like the Realist lyrics-you lip synching my melodies like Milly Vanilly on the No Fear tip-why wasn't you on I'm So Fly?-the way you put the zipper down and unleash Dre's Mike-with the Dexter Wiggler pipe-that's how you signed-your record deal to the fake A the Aftermath same plight-like you about to be on Killer Mike-or killing the Mic?-now what's a racist fraud with no country?-just a by law banned from ever owning something-your record sales and awards don't mean nothing-you can't even lose yourself you ain't got nothing-this Street Life Souljah already proven you a Pirate not bluffing-those red pirate boots are punting-the Hooper Ave like the NBA Basketball what dunking?-you send em we send em 223's comin at ya bitch you better be duccin-or get lynched like Winkler Mill Pond did-Hollywood Dodger shining over all the stars like Sean or Shawn's crib-Ima Renegade-that left the B-Side on your tape-and jumped to side A-with the Street Life behind may-like who needs Side B?-I already another-no Biggie Smallz parody with a Undercover Brother-making my hits like Kirk showed Mel with a secret glover-a secret helping hand that helped em go Whale blubber-real big for a Tron lover-the Curson Ave Theory-cutting niggaz off like those fast cars and stealing hits like frisbees-what Tower of Power? like a Mad Dog stealing this Blue Cats Gas Ave and flow from Brooklyn-I'm the real Peopl Mover-the real Eminem Producer-this nigga Duecer-a fake Jason with no East L.A street cred with Shooters-I've been waiting for the skateboard attacc from da bacc no blacc Nash just blacc gash Medusa's-Tropicana Baby Mama's-with orange halter tops like Rihanna-you can't rhyme orange with dat snake partnah-you stanky rat ass white pie monster-with all those Great Lakes you still need to dusche-cuz salty water is fresh water cuz Hateration Nation is you-like Hayden Place Beats Audio symbol is now Blue-why you dissing real German Natzi's fad-they not your Stan-cuz you stand for everything bad-and supporting killing innocent white people goes against the Brand-and SWP morals and rules of the MotherLand-you and your hater band-dissing them by using there beliefs and-symbols to pass secret codes on the Google Maps-without they permission now how the fucc you gonna do that?-tryna start Race Wars don't make a Manson the Slaughterhouse is your lab-where you draw in pig blood plots like with your online Social Media tags-but Jimmy & Dre telling you damn son where'd you learn how to do dat?-made you a Man Son in less then 127 seconds flat-a Square Bear that cares about the Dirty Dozens affairs-the little M&M Candies are very bizare with rainbow paint everywhere-they got nuts in em alright that's the other Insane-the Poakland Traders for there hydermic needle points that drip procuring of murder they got all day-Silk Road Traders it's getting a lot ruffer-while are Wells Fargo bout to get a lot buffer-wax on and off Karate Kid's-the way you love to chop BA BA your Preying Mantis is all red hot n sicc-like the dirty choppers you try to keep sendin to these Nip's-your K.B Toy Soldier Army came to my Fortune Well-so I blessed them well-while you wont get away like the plane and the Whale-like Albert Fish in jail-a Newtown for a first timer in Hell-I dusted them off with a Sandy Hook that's when they ring the bell-whats a Adam with no Apple the opposite of this 9th Apple Holy Grail-although I love me some Devilish Foxx Tailz-I leave them gore stories alone-cuz The Book of Blood already has a throne-no need for no Raw Head Rex Clones-I already have a Army of Superdomes-Yes Women noddas-like the land of N.O Big French Death Done Daddas-the way I pop em-no 60 Day Rule could stop me-from being a legit Mobstah-that likes Coppahs-like pennies on top of-Big Face dollahz-I chase Nickle Dreams-The Fist wanna bees that try to snake on me-and my team-like Buffalo Bill with no seize-no Silencing these LAmbs-we like the Yoshi's we gon stay on the Maps-DMX said now that nigga Kaze he da shit-and checced bacc into Rehab again-he was thinkin of all those Big Booty hoes I got in my Pen-they in my Gernade the Bombay Way-my Alpineapple dats why da Mad Bombers love 2 hate-filled with my Sapphire Gin at the Skybar surrounded by Blue Haze-these fake party wiseguys talk in codes-like Rafael & Micaelangelo-is Orange Ave & Redplum Circle-in the middle Mabis Saturn Street Snipers aiming for Da Globe-like the Land of Ski Masks-Alameda County Robert Crown Park Big Bird pointing at the Dino Bones at the Isles-cuz money makes the world go around and spin C-Nile-crazy cashflow we ballin like NBA and the Green Isle-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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