Da Curse since birth-how can I explain born in Da Turf-a lifetime of misery easier is the hearse-it don't really hurt-not as long any how-your soul roams free wild-the usual suspects are Red Herrings-but sometimes they inherit-the persona of a Medusa Anaconda-I like hoes that play follow the leader-follow my bottom bitch and be my Piggy Bank feeder-my bottom bitch gotta be a Citi Bank leader-you lames ain't tuff at all-your hardest is a week old stale cupcake on da Raw-don't complain about taxes & putting us behind bars-your the ones who voted and helped pass the laws-now what do you call that?-a hipacrit that's not hip to that-the gift of gab-you could keep that-you talk to much we don't need that-the Universe is my perfect oyster-my mind the pearl on dem A-Boystaz-we the rich hood got Coi's in da curb-them hoes wanna put Quixx on my bacc-I got that Kit Model car body mang-cuz thru Evil Los I'm the Night Ridah-these fake niggaz on pipe like gay lifers-these on the low-big joe to da blows-are reading to much Robert Green-that's why they eyes filled with green envy-they should go read some Harry Houdini-& learn how to escape-instead of spreading the Blacc Abola Plague-dirty ass scurge-tryna kill innocent peeps in da turf-tryna legalize The Purge-to bad they to the curb-can't even go 180 fat-the only 180 them punks seen was Pelican Gay with they ass-on stab-they a bunch of snitches trying to call us from the dead-they make a Facebook & snitch & collect-all types of information just to frame niggaz that get them hot & red-that's why them undercovers try to steal our last breath-& try to switch places with us so they could get out da Pen-Little Boxer's-could it be there box is soar-because life fucced them in the wrong way?-not my fault mang-wasn't your crimey-nor did I have anything to do with your crimeys-nor did I snitch on you to put you in Prison or Jail-so don't blame me for your trip to Hell-I didn't snitch on no one to put them in Prison or Jail-if anything I would help niggaz so they could be free living & make bail-they wanna bond with you-so you could be they bond true-your there get out of jail for free card-it beats eating feecees on da yard-that's why they always talk shit-cuz the meat in there taco's is real shit-they on that Scarfo shit-but not a Scar Foe no Lion King in them triccz-but they still made by Disney Yellow Daisy Duccs-still pushing themselves up-Top 40 Radio is friendly-like the Top D.O's Dropouts that won't be on the Deadend scene-I remember bacc in dayz-I usually was one of the only niggaz on da blocc mobbin like kray-people used to pass by in cars & look at me hella kray-like mang you is hella kray-those are the Old School Drive By Days-where niggaz come outside & play-and you the toy that gets played with with A-K's & sprays-I don't blame no one for not coming outside as much as me-& hitting the L.A concrete-I remember walking for miles & be the only nigga walking down the streets-had to do it again for over a year when I got out of the Penatentiary-just to pay respects to my L.And & my community-I was mobbin around with the curse since birth on my bacc-eating away at my soul like my Blacc Dragon tat-hoes chasing me like Heroin Junkies on smacc-they the Medusa my med user-they take my Toot shots to the head I'm they necc bruiser-I'm married to Shelly and Molly-Mr.Toad got me-I'm addicted to liccing dat Blacc Felix Cat-like a fat Helix wrap-I go under cover looking like Bruce to Cait-watch out Wheaties Ima Cereal Killer from the gate-I turn the Trackathalon to the Trapathalon-trap a pawn-teach him how to be a King till da lawn-and teach him how to move like a Queen on Chamiliyon-my big teardrop tattoo means pain thru experiene-a lot of time I did in the Pen pain & tearshed I witnessed it as a hexed burried kid-me & my Universal Souljahz be rollin in a stolen Caravan-carrying Van-& when I pull it out you be saying DAMNNNN!!!-you can go outside like you doing something really big-but you know and I know you ain't really doing shit-foul people don't care where you from-when they on that red rum-they only goal is to pump you with lead slugs-and when you dead in the mud-and they alive doing Life who really won?-you can do whatever you want that's on you and your time-I do whatever I want to do on my time-that's why I'm more wise-it's on my time-my grind-my shine-but you ain't jealous but you worried all about mines-worry about this ass beating I got for you on layaway it don't even cost a dime-it's free like the style that put you haters way behind-quiet on the set-I'm twatching God Father again-I'm a walking no talkin movie from da set-to the Level 4 180 Design Pen- I sleep wit 2 Lions beside my bed-I feed em Scar dipped in death-we live up to the last name-we real Asians with the rice inside our brain-I think Asia I boil Saki with my cerebellum all day-the rice is my brain cells-I cook the best Saki cuz I'm from Insane Hell-the curse since birth is that Saki a.k.a Da Pain Ale-they try to cut me out the picture real bad-cuz I give dem that real Photo Shop swag-until the eye haters gag-we live our crazy life by the Smile Now Cry Later tag-just like the ABI loot taker rag-I brush and clean the sky with my Conair-with my Waterpik I dip in the O-Zone and con da air-I keep my mirror image clean-7 bodies of oceans is me body-no need 4 a recharge- or a restart-I shower all da farms-when I barely sweat hard-just like on the 180 yard-full of sharks-tryna get that appeal called Noah's Arc-that get out of jail free card-we be feeling like animals in a crowded barn-it's like the book Animal Barn-a bunch of undercover pigs looking for shiny red apples to harm-new booty's to sting by the swarm-Candy Man cover them shiny red apples and make them sworn-now tricc or treat season is born-newer cats trna get rid of the old arms-like after blasting in storms-it's the Children of the Corn-meets the Level Four-it's the Curse Since Birth reborn-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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