In my palm is olive-we clean up like Palmolive-Alpine blocc-until the all pine box-I keep hoes in heat-with hot walls like the wintertime in D.V.I Tracy-like Westhall cell 223-with the Devil Girls in all blacc-a big mural to keep you warm believe that-I still could hear them laugh-like if they told me to stab and slash-rip open the gash-and Monster Blocc Bash-lucky for me-I got the iceberg that made the Titanic sink-on my pinky ring-guaranteed to make hoes fall all wet for me-like the Titanic at sea-she love my Tooty Tugboat Escargo from Marasalles-fresh out my ocean out the pail-the catch of the day-crip hop hurray-everyday-all day-we coming to get those guaps-those crops-like bugs coming out the ground when you step on there spot-you haters on Imacros repeat on a wrong key on the computer-permenant quack is all you hear you need a real good Tudor-I got them larger then life females chuccing up field goal posts-just like the horns how I make em squirt way to big on float-you gonna need Noah's boat-the way I do em like a horny goat-you hating frauds got pollyseeds for nuts-just shells with no seeds ya chumps-they got pumpkin seeds for nuts-we got pumpkins for nuts-punks gotta a problem hit my Facebook Inbox set something up-and grab your nuts-and use the caps lock when you type you lil punks-I left them haters in the past-escaped on the El Chapo path-to the future ForeverLand-destination on auto pilot Neverland-I'm so fly I'm in the underground tunnels doing that-call my wifey Lady Popeye da way she succed my pipe-she Blutoed it out until it was blue, fat and on swipe-Tooty her spinach-she cums everytime she hit it-Olive Oil sits in the most perfect frame-made of Cypress Paints & Olive Trees all day-something Van Gough insane-lit my Van Dorn's Coveted Flame-I got so many hoes on me I could never be alone-to many Queen of Hearts wanna battle for the throne-Golden House bones-rotating with the money and celestial bodies on da go-I shoot Nero arrowz to dem hoez soulz-you other rappers still on that water wheel flow-we on that water world with high self esteem with hot steam flow-I'm from the L.And of Geez and Thugz- Peechee folders, Bics, Locs, Khakis, Cortez, & Chuccs-I'm the Arcameades Screw I make the flow rise-with the highest tides-I got Kabuki females that wanna ward off my bad spirits in my body-they wanna sip em out of me like a Teahouse party-they fell for me like the trapdoors on stage-when the Japanese performers change-I gave my girl that Kabuki Mask-them other snake hoes jealous on some Hannya till da last-it was ironic how me & Lil Scrappy used 2 kicc it on Hellman-doing dirt in G-Rides like some Hellcatz-then we got busted in the 90's & went to Hell mang-I got out he's still in Hell mang-35 when I go-Dominoe-and don't forget to use some Palmolive on my bones-I like to see my reflection in my dishes make sho dey glow-I got the jewelz like the New Erebor-we airbourne-before Smaug-could be airborne-the air is born-you see my table it's the Mountain of jewelz only rare form-the beats go perfect with my Heart of The Mountain King's Jewel-hear The Battle of The Five Armies clash in my instrumental tunes-we got them Bilbo Baggins 4 sale-one hit of our stuff you feel invisible and flying on sails-weed keeps my big ole bone hard-it heals it when my girl go 2 hard-she love to wash it with Palmolive and throw it on da Blacc Card-there is no limt dats why it don't never lacc hard-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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