Replaying by KazeLoon
Replaying by rep laying bad females-the fee is mail-they eat it like a Preying Mantis eats the male-I give her big long Dee-hit it till it Sparks got her scoring like if she Leslie-Les lie-like no lesbian-ima Thug Thespian-I ball with telekinetic mental telepathy like ESPN-I get ass like Michael Sam-no homo dominate the Canadian Football league I taccle to much can-even Uncle Sam jealous of dat-you A.C Green niggaz out of here-I'm Magic with Aids at it's last stage how I get rear-the Detroit Pistons came to me to win a Championship ring-I got the Big Dee-Tooty on Lean-ya'll on some Elden with no Campbell's cans to kicc or balls-I'm Old School my lil buddies I play sticc ball-with Ally's jawz-she a Shark a KiLL.A Cali Jawz-I love danger I be in the Alley no pause-on menapause-luccy I'm Saint Jose-so it's always my way-she my team logo al day-everyday-replaying-she a Teflon Sharkey-with bulletspeed-I love how she pull it lean-until my Jimmy Dean-is just Jim Dee-the same old song-it's the same beat cuhzz she'll never be gone-hit me up at's where the Zombie hoes give me brain like Resident Evil's Capcom-Jill-a Molly Pill-call me Barry Mr.Lean-I bring ripples to her stomach when I bust it oh so mean-I eat Fiber Bones-that's breakfast in my bowl-keeps me harder then my foes-see my girl Wiki pics?-mouth wide open on some Circus Circus Game Room shit-she my Blacc Harley Clown-I fill her up with my squirt gun Tooty all in her mouth-now that's Royal Crown-from my Queen Of Hearts from Tha Town-corny lie us-like Cornilus-Vanderbilt Moonlodge chips-is the Kamikazedoore's favorite licc-on hit-Vanderbilly Tha Kid-from dat L.A Clicc-I use to eat them Moonlodge chips in the Pen-now I just make & bake them-not to much salt at all-let the pepper rain fall-no hating we RAW-For Your Information-I'm on some Outback Nation-you see the commercial with the snake, chainsaw, & bulldozer-that's how I rip hoes & then run em over-clear out they baccyards & knocc they walls down-I dee em down-from the balls of dey feet 2 dey crowns-is it the shoes?-or is it the Toot?-have ya finding your fast like Allyson racing a roccet-in heat on The Hunt 27 a mirror image in a Forever Heart loccet-stay away from them snitches-you ain't gonna get no fair one from dem bitches-there ain't no honor in them-they could never be a real friend-it's like waiting for a snake to bite you-watch out for the ones that like to lure and invite you-they ain't Ego Trippin they Eo Trippin-we took the G right out of there Ego there G missing-blacc people wanted to do it for free-stupid white people say they the Slave Master but you paid the fee-replaying history bacc-white people made Black People stronger Black People thank them for that-slave roots with strong genes-just to think piccing cotton made the superior strong offspring-my fast girl a pyro-her pie hole-a hot cocc trap like the one 8 0-King Felix till the last stitch-shutting them niggaz out make em a no hit-when it comes to pro grip-my Lady Tooty on throw citch-I pass it to her with heraldry-when it comes to me she say he raw undry-she bears my Lunatek-9 like a coat of arms-I pass it to her now we grubbing on Fat Farms-we stunt & mak 2 hard-gotta put it on replay-highlight reel just got a lot lower how we play-and a lot duller how we spray-Level 4th of July all day-feel the freedom of Independce Day even with all day-we make the Patriots act-no need for the Patriot Act-we flip them Eagles until there hair grows back-put the fairline back on the map-12 Commandments killing people is wack-especially innocent people that's how you get wacked-Truthslayer obey us that's how the Lunatek spats-it ain't a Golden tracc until it's a West Tracc-from the Left Land-get a bar & put it on replay dats yo best plan-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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