You running yo bitch mouth-but you been went out-I told you I need that without a doubt-your time been ran out-you lost clout-you sending subliminals I told you straight out-you bow down-to my pave and my ground-my name and my town-where you at now?-that's why you bitched out-you talk about you around-but you was never around-especially when them killers pop rounds-& if you was who cares you still get beat down-I never met a real Gangsta afraid of a fair one-you ain't got no hands that's why you gotta flare one-drown you at sea in your tears you gonna need a flare gun-salty haters be aware punk-you see a lot of yung ninjaz repping a image they want you to see-only brave when you got that heat-but you gonna get ganked up 4 repping the image it's a curse like our seeds-at least make a living off of what you doing-running your mouth is gonna make ruin-you'll be in court convicted on your own lyrics-the shit I spit a lot of it I already been convicted-it's gonna catch up with you like D.N.A-silly mind games-and childs play have you fall a stray-don't be a pressure case-cuz then they make you a case-then ship you away-upstate-but yet you still going down mang-how we say it main thang-is to maintain-purify your brain-with lots of water, exercise, knowledge, & good food everyday-the dinner bell is the cracc of the Ramens-that's how we survive let's be honest-buff up but don't be a bully-because it could get you pumped with fullys-or life behind bars from a victim a stoolie-that sitted & shitted on you the stoop-got the full scoop-then exposed the truth-on you-now you washed up & thru-trial you blew-only because you was looking at 222-& that was the plea bargain they gave you-I'm Old School like I picc the way to die & choose-electrocute or shoot-I'm colorblind-there is no color lines-I'm just tryna shine in da light-like my color lime-no sour lemons on mines-my fruits ain't falling off they just ripe-like my rhymes-we the Sun God RAI shining Right Above It-my Teardrop The Blacc Thing I'll put you right below it-Ima Rapper no pun-I don't wrap up bodies or drugs-I wrap up albums with puns-everyday cuhzz-fools got it all wrong-speaking on real homies in the mind they gone-they talking about stuff-and don't even know half of the half of pizza crust-speaking on the whole Pizza Food Chain-but homies only got a green jalapeno wheel rolling in a stolen car all day-you fake hungry cannibals eating astroturf we eating Grand Slam Denny's in the Turf-I own her All Star Dugout-you didn't even get to wear a Team Uniform dats why you bugged out-it's real messed up when foul people wanna take what little you got-& you been thru so much pain & suffering from Prison to Da Blocc-they never really lived my Life-but yet they swear they invented it twice-lame niggaz with no say-say anything just to avoid being lame-you can't even keep your own peoples in checc-but you wanna talk about respect-illegal politic-like hipacrits-what part of the set is it-you missing a lot tools in that set rip-the jealous ones that love to lie & squeal-blame me for people getting killed-but all I ever did was protect people from getting killed-they hate you because you Real-because they do fake stuff & can't keep it Real-how you gonna appeal-when you don't know the deal-real recognize real-but the real they recognize ain't real-how the brother that pulled the trigger-get less figures-for snitching on them other niggaz-what part of the game is that-the U.S Legal System is fucced up that's a fact-they should make a law to change that-if the brother pulled the trigger-he should do the most time for being the killer-and not have action to snitch on other niggaz-to reduce them yearly figures-all states should be like New York law-you can't snitch on your crimies to reduce the Lock Up Raw-extended stay is my Life-I turned 6 months into almost 14 years straight of hard time-I been locced up way to long-stuff don't fade me like it fade the strong-I'm happy just to be alive & free-the whole time you hating on me-but if only you could lived what I seen-you wouldn't be hating on me-you would feel sympathy at the very least-for me and "My Journey"-they to busy turning-spun up when they need to be learning-the rights of passage-before speaking on ghetto alley bastardz-ironically they got the gift of gab-but never really lived up to that-less talk and more work-you'll be better off the more you earn-candle light burn-no romance-more dough in yo pants-save your money cuz it goes fast-you'll know you made it when you can buy a acre of rich land-think of it as a clover patch-to your good lucc and fortune-don't be a sitting hood ducc cuz dey still flame torching-don't run your mouth or your car engine you could die-it can be like talking carbon monoxide-clean your tailpipes-just like wiping your ass with healthy wipes-get your facts & priorties straight first before you speak on someones status-you be running your mouth like tap water on fully automatic-like a speed loader built for a Revolver but you making it go in a fully automatic-you keep missing shooting blanks-despite what you hit you lost your rank-if your convo woulda shrank-you'd still hold rank in the tanks-but now you can't even hold water if you were the tanks-all that funny pruno talk in your gas tanks-now you gotta hit rocc bottom and tank-once you do you'll switch it up from rapper done turned singer like Tank-just like scary fools when they step in the holding tank-they snitch and don't hold water like a small salt water fish tank-quit running your mouth cut all that out and just take-and let a good silent film play-what's the difference between a child molester and a foul person that kills innocent people?-nothing they are the same and equal-quit running your mouth it could turn lethal-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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