Seek Genius Boy
My bud hairs got the most T.H.C dandruff it needs some clear men-I spit courage juice I don't fear men-I got sticky icky hands like Randy Moss-cuz I slang that Dungeon Moss-I'm rolling up blunts that look like Abraham Lincoln's Log Cabin-I hot box in the LAnd with more hoes then you can imagine all on the Jimmy Dean just cuz I slang that Summer Jam-I got that New Jersey Shore flow-my shit viral soon as I spit from the dome-i be scrambling like Mark Sanchez getting that Super Bowl green-faster then New york Jets-gambling taking Penatentiary chances with Prison Vets-I'm on call me Imax-call me Edward's Cinema I'm always on call me Einstein's lightbulb-I outshine all-Original Hoodstar blind all-turn them into wambats-now you don't want that-Tremor worm at the bottom of my El Presidente-cuz Ima Giant with all the Power to the hente-I got to much money to loan like Elle May-I got to much money to give away like Fanny May-Nanpu Bridge flow-no traffic jams when I roll-I smoke that Indica Traffic Jam because it will leave you straight stuck-I'm posted on da blocc like all Centuries at all Palace Gates-I got more Power then the money in the hands of Bill Gates-I bust nigga like Bingo-I'm taking numbers I bust like Bingo-my chips got all the flavors like Pringles-hoes is watching me-twatching me-plotting on me-like a smoker looking at my stash-I get that Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey cold cash-that's how I get paid first no last-I spit spat victory laps-Ima Nip that Hussels Ima Nigga Having Cash-I got flavor like every lollypop-I'll see ya at the crossroads-I'm bout to go get lifted off that bomb smoke-I put your lights out with my Hellboy hot clips-turn your spotlight to a eternal clipse-I got more cracc then Clipse-hoes straight freaky looking out of a porno flick-but cleaner then the Virginia Mint-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

Seek Prod.By Genius Boy song meanings
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