Now did your Mother water your Concrete Jungle Rose with tears worrying when you on the blocc?-with latenight sobs hoping that you put down the hot glocc-now that’s Real Talk-now when you went outside to walk the dog you let the steele walk-did it bark or kitty cat purr?-9 lives on the millimeter to burn-better then a K-9 Tec that will surely earn-Fed time no parole-maybe life in the Big Shark Bowl-a 24-7 meal course of reality-where everyday we battle to protect our Penatentiary Steele seats-living the All Hamerican Dream-it seems-harder then the Devil cold seam-the Hellish scene-with insanity-feining to smoke on that Tokoyo and Bonsai drop them hoes panties-I’m so big them hoes dread head-I love me some Jamaican & IsL.and Girls with that dred head-all white-all fine-it’s a Godly affair-just until I get them into bed then it’s a God lie affair-they sum She Devilz-from the Haydeez level-I flip up the game bring a NEW ERA on-from Magic to Jordan from Kobe to Lebron-to keep it fresh-you say you started the West-but you got corndog on your breath-made your whole career off of a murder you never did-murder was the case they gave him-but you pointed to your bodyguard who got off on self defense-your career started off of a studio gangstas street rep-and my Street Rep way to long on hung-I could be in the trunk-and still be riding shotgun-who needs a pump-I be in bacc of da limo-with my dicc tip mashing da gas pedal-I’m so long I put them staples in her-I make her squirt Lakeshow then put some staples in her center-that’s how I put it down on da town so fresh like New Downtown Staples Center-but I been doing it ever since the Old Downtown near Great Western-when she mess with me-she still see Kareem-with my AB Duel drown her in the Ja Bar-she my on da low collaberator she got them Sky Hooks-go together good with her to die 4 looks-this Alpine & Brooklyn Ws ABI Crooks-we let it fly and shoot-and never miss da 2 Fly hoops-I love to get tatted up in Da Hood Tattoo Shops then walk home-it’s like the Pain vs. the Pleasure you can feel it in the soul-Snoop ain’t church-the Homies gave him the boot out of the House of Rollin and Da Turf-type of punk ass bitch-wanna ride 2Pac dicc-then switch up and ride Biggie tip-just like a groupie hoe-in da studio-true loyalty been shown-niggaz in the Pen been let it be known-you say you a 0-no more like a HOE-on the white man’s hoe stroll-and on the real how much probation can one snitch ass bitch get?-I was so bad never been on probation just straight to parole C.Y.A and the Pen-ever since 98 been on parole with the mightyest men-and you looking like yo got bacc doe Lil Joe all down your throat for sum Midnight Love-come get some of this Noon Hate we will straight fucc you up in da slumz-hot dog it’s all about you-you biting off Top Dogg that ain’t cool-and when is you going bacc to Cali? you P.C punk-I drop ya like it’s hot like some Doggy Biscuits fresh out your fat Mommas monk-you coming up empty handed like my Discogs you ain’t got none-like who da fucc wanna help me get my diamonds out the rough-when I’m supposed to have by law Multi Diamond credits & you ain’t got none-ain’t no fun-if the homies can’t have none-but you running out of homies you don’t like they Doggystyle no moe punk?-you just hating because you think you got some type of title huh?-but you don’t count the 180 ShoeMaster been told ya cuhzz-life dealt me a deadly hand-now I deal out Dillengers thru the OutL.AW ThugL.And-you even cried when Big Took died-but I don’t know why?-I grew up with too many C.C.O’s and Bluenotes on Da Mainline-they could vouch for mines-Big Kamikaze a.k.a Looney from Dat Alpine-been globally known worldwide-who even needs to lie or try-you been hiding in the Hills of Chino since the 90’s-while this Chino been pushing thru the Hills with da steele riding-I even smelt your ranking stankin ass when I was locked up at the Chino Hill’s Sheriff Station in 1997-then again I smelt your bitch ass 3 years later when I got to Y.T.S in 2000 ya piece of shit L7-you smell like coward fertilizer-and I been high pow since a ward on fire-muthafucca a deep forrest sloth creature looking ass nigga-with no eyes talking about you can’t see me nigga-this fool is a Australian Aboreginey albino muskrat looking ass nigga-a gloomy backtrail bat dwelling wombat talking about you can’t see me nigga-well u been hiding under your L-Doghouse of course we can’t see you nigga-more like hiding in your bomb shelter-cuz all you do is flop and bomb we smelt ya-you stink and been retired your last albums nobody felt ya-quit hating on real niggaz you tryna start Helter Skelter-we see right through your sharade your Last Meal we dealt ya-take your ass to the yard you won’t be taking flight on the Soul Plane naw they gonna melt ya-inmates gonna be taking flight on you from Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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