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Illagory connect the stars like dots-observatory from my middle school Griffith to Griffith Park La La La La-I ain't with the 5501 I'm with the 5150-Asian boy Insane L.A city-you walk a very fine line like circumstantial evidence-a inculpatory scope should of been evident-to trace the notes of a demented man-living Poe but still Heavensent-sometimes being rich is living hellbent-Mr.People's-could be any people-so keep yo peepholes-cleaner then your own pupils-don't be young, dumb, & stupid-Professor Francis Xavier-no one Insanier-The Chef-serve it up Illagory till da death-"Good Bread Good Meat-Good God Let's Eat"-No Bread Stale Cheese-Bad God So I'm Fastening-like a Cesar Chavez Avenue King-Tomato Clam Langer's spitter-rolling with my Christian Brother's & Brandy cocktail splitter-so cold until it bleeds Nitroglycerin Artic Winters-it's in the juice-no juice in the can-cuz I'm wild & loose-the framers didn't win with plans-I toe jammed like marmalade and cut loose the little piggies-they claim my click & city-but never really been with me-they Fibbies pointing fingers at me willingly-for something I didn't-that's the unforgiven-now they black sheep in the slaughterhouse prison-they non existant-nobody even knows that they missing-in the reality of action-like rape victims but were the rapers that made themselves the victim-gone in that black limo-plates said K42FO-that's what fake pimp reggie say-I got it sewed up words all day-I'm the New Millenium Hemmingway-that's what Dr.Andrew Casey say-Count Of Eleven Years served Criminally Insane-sip on brains like quikie snacks-that's how I get high no quicky sands-I do dirt & get layed like Fabrege Ostrich Eggs-royal crown-loyal 2 CxTown-hoes hunt they love my poached eggs-Jack of All Trades-like Conway-I serve them hoes hot with my Soup Kitchen Gang-hazel eyed deception-revolve with visual reception-cutting hoes in half-no magic act-but bodies disappear with no tags-or no tags-nurse ratchet bad-with a white mask-a Lady Jason perhaps-gotta thicky in pink-down to blast fo me-I spit 105 minutes-of non fiction-I'm Hannabilism-serve it raw eating up Cannabalism-them bee bees ain't nothing you cannon ball spitters-they say they got skills like Poe-but why you still Poor?-you kick shit like hoes with no toes when it rains does it pour?-this Lunatec-9 I'm forever off the hinges like no bolts & no doors-POE-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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