Pine Oil flow-Gas Chamber Dome-set to explode-when I let go-my crystal balls got her amped up in the future-Mak 11 Da Foxx shooter-call me Saint Alban's my hoes and Lacy know how to keep my Christmas Tree lit-on point like Monterey Road and Huntington-caught the Valleyview-by the Avenue-Hastings Ranch-with that Christmas glist times every avalanche-on snow blast-like exploding snow caps-as a kid used to visit with my Fam-reminds me of the Las Vegas Strip and our Gold Toyota Van-driven by my Dad-she call me Orel Horseshire because I go long no need for the extra innings-they call me VanderBilly-they call you VanderPhilly-cuz they fill you up and smoke you like a Philly-it's them A's Singletown-Mr.Washington down for the Pringle Town-bubble and grow like Shingletown-we got them Shingle bumps from feet to crown-county Shasta-colorful leafs bubble like the flavors of Shasta-welcome to East Los Lil Mexico-MP Side Little Chinatown Loc-Tampico and Tamarindo-Wan Tans Pork with Orange Sweet N Sour and Lucas Bomvas-KazeLoon's Mueseum they not wax bitches-real ones they famous ratchets with riches-Realtek-4G LTE Pantech-Lunatek-KazeLoon in da set-mix and spit-this clear flawless shit-abolish clits-whe this freshly released Outlaw rips-with this Rawest dick-who you stalling bitch?-you only balling with-balls connected to the hardest dicks-you still falling trick-prank calling tricks-and where the sun don't shine you night hawking bitch-eye gawking optics-with your skeleton in the closet mocking click-steam distillation on point when I Lean Flow-call it Pine Oil Ether Terpene Alcohols-Hydrocarbons-Turpentine Rosin-got me keeping it clean in the Turf doing Pen Time-Deceptaconing-then I parole feeling high Optomis Prime Auto Botting-Yarmor by the pour-soon as I let it drip they yearn for more-catch a wiff of this Aromatherapy-the Vapors ain't got shit on my Aroma apparently-my Jaqcuzzi Bath Oils-keep hoes wet and slippery-and the fancy watch clockwork ticking ticky ticky-Organic Herbacide-eat the green and herbs alive-you couldn't hang till the last nail-not off my waxy cuticle plant hangnails-Lady Bug Eyed got the munchies eat up Aphids by the pail-killing plant lice-ain't no bugs in my vines-I'm paranoid like found bugs planted by the F.B.I-noe that's some good stuff-Derty Ferty Hood Bud-baddest bitches beat up my wood till it pulps-I bust pine Oil nuts by the boat-fill up the Castle moat-now that's Big Ole Dee down they throat-on my King Arthur in Da Park-split them like McArthur Park-got em dripping on both sides by far-the only thing I didn't do was sell them hoes a fake I.D Card-18 and Up-I don't like em too young-I don't like to see blood-like the 18 Street Thugs-no satutory-is mandatory-gotta shine like a knight in a heroes plight-like Trap Stories & Rap Trophies-Ball of Fame no Soccer Goalies-you ball blocking I ain't Magic & you ain't James Worthy-my bible papers laced with Pine Oil I'm King Rick James purely-my Queen Mary Jane 2 purrty-she so pure got me stuck like the Queen Mary 4 certain-like eternal herb burning-opposite of nerves hurting-plus to the curb serving-and no burps stomach acid burning-plus guns bursting & turf merking-give my Bleakwoody to olive Oil-she pops my eye till I'm greasy like Pine Oil-I'm from East Los Brooklyn & Alpine near da Heights of Boyle-I grind and burn the oil-my black ink I turn that oil-into the opposite of turmoil-call it Derty Fert Soil-so I don't have to curb serve and boil-to the Green IsL.And & da Turf I'm loyal-I'm the King of Hearts making sure every verse is royal-Black Dragon got my back as we merk the foil-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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