From the escape from ASH-they couldn't hold my ass-Butterfly over the Death Cliff-praying the devine wind gives me a lift-floating on a homemade raft-like this homemade craft-fuccing-with my nigga Puffin-the first Penguin to ever fly-with Fugu the Pufferfish by our side we down to T.T.X ride-Louiesville Sluggo's coming out the Tec-9-they Pappillons flying like Butterflys thru da Westside-to protect mines-I invest in my hide-wit tats da set Alpine-tatted on my neccline-so respect "I"-I'm on my Tesla-wordly reknown inventor-the Aliens are always sending me a telekentic message-with the word and they blessings-talking with the planets-electrifying the globe-with my Lean Flow-a Mad Scientist forever in the L.A.B cooking-I keep hoes in heat like black Labs when they looking-my Wifee Ally Capa-way to cavi proper-she a Golden Cali Knoccer-I'm hot niggah-like when Gucci heard Jeezy Assault Rifle case got dismissed-and his ice cream cone tatoo melted right off of his skin-they talk about they Yuckaball but they really just a bugah-they didn't make it to the end of the book they no goodahs-I'm serving Bumpy Johnson & Johnson 's bubble gum packs bigger then Hoodlums-Dukes of Hazard when we beat the toxic out of em-King Hands my Twin Pit Blue Devil's beat & heat the shit out of em-I live the Big Face Life-fuccing 10 bitches in the same night-and that's just a lame night-they say stay in your lane right?-but they stray right-but going on da wrongway of life-I test the fates of strife-rolled da tricc made dice-conquered da Mercury side-with Hellboy heat unleashed da sunray shine-off da cliff to a made life-bacc to Da Green IsL.And of paradise-so many butterflys on da scene-with dey butts on fly if you know what I mean-opposite of da butter side-it's da better life-where we never die-we da Forever Pride-Asiatic Jesus "Still I Rise"-out of da Hole from da Prison Steele Side-I'm remembered 4ever like 2Pac & BIG throw Big L freestyles in da mix-& you 4ever got this-my Lean Lyrics are inscripted in da Internet-burned on discs-passed down like da Bible from da Old 2 da New Testaments-I got copywritten "Da Tests Of Men"-registered in da Record Books so my "Real Fans" content-I took all Plea Bargains was cool on da Trials & Tribulations of da crooked justice system-it never prevailed in my cases cuz it's made to twist us-so coward ass haters can biasly judge & diss us-they clipped my Pappilon Wingz-but I still took flight & made it bacc in one piece-just like God don't like ugly-War don't like Peace-fake niggaz say they ain't no Peace Treaty-then why you still on the streets hollering PEACE-eating with a white flag as your dinner place setting & napkin on da daily-they square ass said I ain't never seen a Gangsta dat was rich-I told them then you a pranksta dat ain't seen shit-& how would you know what a real Gangsta is?-when all your lame life you been a ranker & a bitch-a scary punk stanking like shit-you wolf all dat just to get called out now look what you did-you stayed on hush status like a big ole bitch-with too many diccs between your lips-pussy cat got your tongue?-Obviously huh punk?-you say you a Top Dogg-but All About U was Top Dogg-but you more like a hot dog-in a corndog-fried & burnt on da Devils Roof-same time on dat Church shit you need Juice-why The Game paint you as a washed up bitch dat fell off you Zima Proof-or maybe Foster's-cuz they say you went down under like a imposter-Huggie Boy? a Oldie but no Goodie? & Suge warned da Mobstas-same time different Westside Story you swanging on dem Compton Nuts-while The Nationwide Rip Ridahz is singing "Niggaz Is Killing Snoop"-why cause them real Kiwa Crip's don't like you-dats why you stopped banging True Blue-or da word on da streets dey made you- you too dry & a liar on fire-what happend to your G-Swag Old Dirty L-Dog no Ridah-you took da Young Dee with stamina-how ya fat momma felt when I was ramming her?-your dream is to own a fly casino-but you a Suspect like Bugsy Siegel-you do it all legal-& get swooped up by the D.A Lil Homie in a undercover Nova or Regal-it feels good to ya baby bubba-hiding in da Hills of Chino your swag like your Mother's-& I ain't following dem cookies even if they were made by Mother's-who needs to add extra sprinkles or sugercoat you's a straight bustah-I was punking you on Twitter then you wanna find religion-Snoop Lion can't sell no more just Camp Snoopy Wolf Ticcets-neither can Snoop Corndog bitch go find another religion-because I'm vicous on you like dem stool pigeons-you might be deep in The Game but he said you got da rules missing-a undercover Blood named Snoop or a Snoop looking 4 clues fishing-you sang with The Dogg Pound right behind me-& up in ya bitch is where they might find fleas-or maybe C.I.A High Powered Bugs known to record things-no diss to 2Pac but you sang "Wanted dead Or Alive"-nah more like you "Wanted A Head Or A Pipe"-or "Wanted Dead for A LICE"?-planting a bug in somebody's ears-you got caught with all dem straps & still ain't seen no Prison years-the Police said dipping thru da alley like Sally after fuccing Snoop a.k.a Sally I made my escape-I didn't even get a chance to grab my Snopp Dogg tape-but after making "Doggystyle" with his asscheeks da instrumentals sounded great-I know da Rhythm But Pranksta by heart who needs Snoop or his tapes-& if you dissing muthafucca then fucc calling out names-we passing out fair fades-come catch one muthafucca or be ashamed-we da same size we da same frame-like Six 4 to Supersport-that bulletproof Snoopcorndog Mobile make ya look lame-I usta be in Long Beach in da 80's doing my thang-where da real gang bangers hang-& play all day-& trust me Calvin you a Broad Us don't like your place-so we replaced ya & put ya in your rightful place-niggaz been boycotting you dats why you struggling to go Gold-not even Fool's Gold-not even Pyrite-why lie?-if Jay Z was on "Beautiful" it would of been 10 Million Sold-dats why you ran to Roccafeller-& I seen on TMZ at the Airport how they socced ya fella-that's why you live like a large coccafeller-a piece of shit dat no Poopa Scoopa would ever wanna touch-even for all da bones in da doggy dogg world nigga you a smutt-niggaz from Da 20's & Polly Ave to Rose don't like ya chump-you made them throw up-sicc with disgust-SND might not like ya either ya Uncle's on low probably said you's a PUNK-if so then they real like everyone else dats born & raised in DA SLUMZ-was you in the intro on da Realist song "Forgot About Dre"?-to gangsta for da radio yeah fucc da industry all day-I'm killing it up with just my Mixtapes-I brought da Westcoast bacc not you California Girl little Katy Purray-you flopped again ya fans did ya Doggystyle horray horray- you know da info-like you know what I was in fo-you know what to do-dat goes out to you-& any bitch ass nigga down with Snoop-hollah Rudy Poohs-& get da shit beat out of you-

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Pappilon Wingz song meanings
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