Take it to the head the knot-hard not soft-Potassium shots-that are hot-inject the mainstream till it overflow-call it Primafrost overdose-colder then Columbians for the cream-Asian Columbo dreams-Candyman cutting pussycat tails-lizards get eating by the big tail-been a bay bay kid garbage pail-blow him out his red shoes that's Gargamel-I got True Blue Smurfs to guard my mail-it's to hard to fail-living in Magical Mushroom huts-with Smurfette sluts-partying up in the Shroom Room-sitting on the biggest toadstools-that forever on bloom-you can't see me like a smokey Saloon-that's why they call me KazeLoon-riding on a Mongoose Monsoon-Shimano Black & Yellow Typhoon-O.Ding off the Streetlife-X-Games Champ Streetside-heard about the Crest Vista youngster that crashed on his bike-I hope he didn't die-should of paid attention to the DeadEnd Streetsign-his predacessor R.I.P a kid that got killed on Sunnyslopes by some headlights-that might of been to bright-and left his eyes blind-or maybe his mind was fried-in the Hot Hellzone called My Krazy Life-where scrambled brains are fried-with Collegian Ave. & Floral Drive-Mc Donald's hashbrowns on the side-feining just to see Ketchup streaks on the white chalklines-I stalk lights-like The Hills Have Eyes-what a pretty sight-The Monterey Views that depict all the Streetlights-zillion dollar views-you could buy it for a million or two-maybe more or less-it still Shyne the best-outshyne all the rest-a hidden paradise in Cloud-9-me & my peoples go over there to hike-& excercise-nose bleeds-don't know me-I'm used to being high till I die-G-Swag Surfing-if I fall I do it on purpose-in Heaven unlike the Devil I resurface-shaking haters like Cerebal Palsy-only with auto heat they ballsy-we ball gee-like the Mall scene-the Moth's see-me as they number one target cuz I'm so silky-fountain of life blood everybody wanna milk me-I love this new found life-I gotta die free not on the mainline-cause I done paid for mines-more rent then was ever due-to Uncle Son Of Sam cause he's a serial number killer that collects everything when it's due-I soften hard lessons-Lion Heart Chessmen-readers digesting-popular script turn into a bigger gift-enlighten my wits-call wits fronts haters at they wits end-which end the deepend-shallow cowards I make ya walk it-you talk it-I chalk it-another hard lesson gone-Play Doe the globe mold it by the billfold-I sport Trill Skulls-till I dropped it & lost it mobbing hard-right down Valley Blvd-from M.P-to East L.A to Boyle Heights via Alhambra got off at Son Doughnuts-soon as I step out the Lexo all the hoes go nuts-pushing down Valley-through the Valley-via through El Sereno-ESR-Metro-made it to City Terrace New ELA now I'm feeling Petro-on GO mobbing through University Road-made it to Cal State L.A-posing like a student with my black backpack-smoking cigarettes that are fresh out the pack packed-tight like a napsack-mobbed through the freeway the 10 & the 60-Santa Monica Pomona-mobbing like I'm the Freeway Owner-headed back to Brooklyn & Arizona-passing by the old Courthouse & the old Women's prison on the hill getting smoked out-while C-Walking so Loced out-missing Baby Doe's-that used to be across the Freeway Six-O-thanks for the fuel in my gas tank Japanese Poridge-talking on phone right next to Public Storage-gotta a call from a Dime Droppah-tryna stop may-but I'm double locked see-Phantom Of The Opera-leaving nothing but a Oxycotin at the scene-sporting Black Cotton-clothing-overdosing-on the East Los Scene-Evil Loccin-mobbing through Casuda Canyon-opposite of Basuda trashcan-& hasbeen-the most beautiful Golf Course Green-get it by the Tee-we hole in one every tee da lee-this Lil Italy-G-Code you don't hear nothing-Omereta-bulletproof sweaters-no one but the Ones can do it better-through every weather-rolling up HighLands-I'm frying-times flying-feeling like a Original Hoodstar shining-like Orion-& King Posidon's Trident-fake Leonardo leaders dishonorable swords-really Rafeal's that fell never Blooded In so they will never be Blooded Out-with them plastic Sai pitchforks they get flooded out-with the Insane Drank Sebor soon as I spit it out my mouth-mobbin thru da Derty Ferty by da tree is Rainbow Dank by the pound-our Shinano's boats don't sank no doubt-filled up with Nori California Rolling for the Town-chilling on Ramona behind the 10 freeway-right next to the big brickwall so we safe-I'm free mon-feeling so Jamaica High near Fremont-all da bad breezes I pass by say Kaze you know what we want-I tell them give me that Astro Burger like Eastmont-best feeling fresh off the Astro Bus better known a the Greyhound-pardon me I Grey Poupon Clown-squirt ya in the face with some French Mustard Gas when you roll the window down-I forever shine Pappilon Crown-I play the God me & my ninjaz from that Populus Town-BoomTown-not just 4 the population but for the tools sound-they was wrong left make them get some act right no fooling around-dry up the bloody pools around-fill it up with the Lean Cool Sound-the Hood we running it Hamster Ghetto Bastards full in effect full & direct-liver then Multi Grammy Award & Oscar Winning effects-we Dy Na Mics this Game Of Life & Death with Dynamics-Canam DB in the mix-I handed out them Pro Tools out my Kraftsman's tool kit-with my Apple Nano Overdosing on Lean Music-& Fujimoka-isn't it Ironic-I'm Sikur then the sickest-you ain't well Rukis sucks it-Miss Mucinix-can't ruin it-why cause he's a Marklet Poodle bitch-a shitty Stoolie Switch-no entity you lames won't be truly missed-fake I.D's Calicornia stamped not approved-Unicornacopia Magical feeling when I do it for One Two-stay tuned for part two-Looney Toon Crew-The Tunas-like Fortunas we burn you-& Ash To Dust Urn your tunes-I'm off on another Duck Tale Mr.Bank dropping Money Bins on you-tighter then Scrooge-Tiny Tim look at you-citch fool-

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