No Shawshank Redemption
Welcome to prison-hardcore living-a world full of misery entrapped in sinning-everybody has a number what is your's?-your number is what you in here for-that's the rules thru the one to the four-your best friends the wall-next to kin is your balls-we living in a shark bowl White's, Blacks, Other's, & Mexican's who's the next to fall-did we make victim's of society or are we victim's of society?-murder, mayhem, fighting, & rioting-is not a nice sight to see-don't take it lightly gee-nothing is what it seems-distant far thoughts in between-of what we could of seen-if we did'nt sleep on our dreams-and played freeze tag with Freddy on Elm Street-praying for Wes Craven to save us-he's the Warden the Playmaker-the Goon Squad the Ninja Turtle's-the Warden Master Splinter-April O'Neil camera reels running-while the Gun Tower is gunning-ain't that something-making something out of nothing-stacks of 115's like poker chips to see-who's the Gambling King-taking Penitentiary chances on the daily-what persuaded me to go 180 crazy in Hades?-evil demons with sharp deadly pitchforks-wishing that you could switch course-which of course-is real in it's core-the feel of the four-is the steele of the sword-a weapon a timebomb guaranteed to go off in your palm-wise words like Psalm's-word to the wise-I advise-thru my Third Eye's-I done seen people get 3 strikes-over they pride-they balls and pipe-God granted the non violent 3 strikers action the Juvenile Lifers too-miracles do happen they do come true-next is the violent 3 Strikers-then the rest with the other Lifers-New Timers become Old Timers-they spin cycled & dryered-some stay active some retire-they say the grass is greener on the other side-I agree I done seen many Brother's die-suicide & smothered right in front of my eyes-in visting hate to tell they Mother's goodbye-I never got one visit in prison & I never cried-Why?-cause real Gangstas don't die-we multiply immortalized-slipping thru the cracks of time-wishing we was Mr.Washington in "Time Is On Our Side"-I found the touch of light in the darkest side-then I followed it and made it to Park Westside-no Shawshank Redemption-we dropped them like Low Low's on Crenshaw I always bank I don't need to mention-I'm to busy counting your blessings-we will call them Mak 11 The Foxx Lessons-I Count Monte Cristo's-Rainbow Crystals-& Nostradamus Picto's-I tricked foes-now they dicked & exposed-licking toes-while I'm high like Wild Cherry Kush that Toe Jam feeling like a Duke named Earl-the haters drowned in they hurl-because they know they rats in there own trap leaving the free world-what pearl?-no brain lames-no wisdom no gain-no way Jose's-this the Joker Gang-and jealous ones still envy-you ain't the homie-below me-we counting Shamrock's-no sham no frauds-no Jose Leon with the Pepsi Scandal-fake decals-got you in denial-sporting the other teams jersey-you a pest & a little itty bitty pest-your hearse is my first verse I done been put you to rest-your hearse is a Volkswagon Bug-you Herby-I'm the Night Rider mobbing thru the Derty Ferty-I leave the house & tell Mama don't worry-even though I'm not gonna be back quick in a hurry-God deemed me worthy-I gotta do his work-baptize Devil's now together we roam the Earth-from the Cellblock to the curb-your next Lifes lesson is what you observe-the word from the birds-flap right & stay free-don't anti up if you ain't ready to play for keeps-no Shoot's & Ladders-just killers who shoot while walking under ladders-poping out of The Mad Hatter-spitting Sebor releasing the Joker's laughter-escaped from The Looney Bin-telling the Devil he's puny Gin-with the world in my palm a beauty gem-no flaws no seeds no stems-Rainbow Kush L.And-we swooshing-thru the cool sands-as The Hourglass spools grams-I rule man-with the pen my favorite tool in my hand-you could learn alot from a dummy buckle up or knuckle up-crusing for a brusing-or soothing the abusing-I'm forever truant when losing-I'm to busy schooling the Ivy League Schools with-the messages of the chosen-I hope they don't blow it-I never lose focus-to hungry for Life I eat all the Locusts-like a walking cesspool of pesticide-I mesmerized-the best of life-the rest just die-invest in yo mind-brain cells is chips get richer with every bit-chex mix spicy bits-a variety of flavor-if you want to be in the game as a real player-in my mind I stack Himalayah's-cold world tactics-I preach what I practice-my toungue the North Pole Barber Shop Pole spinning-I get stripes with every digit- every minute-that is ticking-you get fever blisters-just listening-to my realest-hot coals I fill up your mind with ancient charcoal-till the Premafrost sparkle-I'm always in Louis & Clark mode-exploring getting that barkfold-with Premafrost and new sap I'm turning mountains & the Wonders Of The World into my fossils-I tell Confuscious I thought so-I caught souls- when with the wind I pop rocks & blow-La Vida Primo-my life is numb & cold-the dumb get stole-scammers spoofs wanna be crooks here's the no bammer proof-I John Henry Sledge Hammer the truth-nail it like a Cali Gold digging ho-get blowed while getting blowed is the motto for my Worldwide Jigalo-trick my dick off for what-Aids ain't worth no bucks-just ask Magic he can't make it dissapear-Cookies still follow with chocalate chips if they wanna Pimp wit It to see tommorrow-my limp never hollow-but you would think it's a peg leg-termite hoes eating it till the death-bury them fakes that really don't follow-in a sleepy hollow-aim them at no tommorrow-punch they clock for the time borrowed-then block them with the auto-preset def they dead to the set-thinking I'm they Host the parasites eating dread-L.O.L I Laugh Out Loud we the Last Ones Left-we the Last Of The Moheatins Summer Madness Hevens-broke alive even while broke above the Major Leaguers-dad even Steven they a King not to IT they still bleeding-no lil girl I ain't no lil boy Precious Moments are these toys-in my Saban Toy Box they wish they could metamorphasize-like us we more the meets the eye-Candyman Optimus Prime Bumble Bees in my tummy rumbling-Beast Wars we the Gorilla you the pussy monkey ho-Monkey Island clowning your Mama like her you the joke-you choke on artificial artichoke-are green from The L.And it's hard to smoke-L.A Brea Tar in the bowl-we scrape it with Megasarus Fossil Bones-you pussy midget orangatangs-early like orange tang-we sip Agent Orange Tang-in the night Agent Orange Bang-our girl Agent Orange Julius her name-slipping with the bannanas on the floor-we got Gorilla glue on our feet no slipping just sailing on the breeze-it's the smoke from the Hashish The West Indies-enlighten Ghandi with the Yoga Fire Thuggery-kicking up dust in sandstorms in the Sandman's Hourglass all for Khali-under the bridge L.A Cali-your riots are rally's-I kill them cat calls in the alley-you prankstas prank call me?-for what you don't know Kaze-they wanna be wanna bes-and I'm a Honorable King-there's no dishonor in me-no probably-only PRO no bably-pyrite fools gold fish tetra flake dinner fed-you guppies got it wrong just ask the Fed's-no libel slander no lie-you won't be suing me F.B.I recorded phone calls don't lie-time after time they try-but you call I won't be waiting when you fell you died-3 phones no answering machine get it G-Code Omerta Silent Side-pussy willows whisper-ya'll thin like some cat whiskers-with no lives-no 9-no I-talk is cheap while you broke jokes looking up to me-but you won't get a crumb from me-cuz Im from the slummy streets-of ELA-we all City Of Angel's Good Fellows-you quick toungues bellow-but why you talking about me I never even told you hello-jealous cuz I'm the Pillsberry Doughman looking bigger then the Stay Puff Masrshmellow-man you a D.O man with B.O man ranking stanking pieces of shit with no Land-I be C-Walking around my city-like if Brooklyn was N.Y & I was Diddy-I keeps them Puffy Honey Combs no need to comb the scene to see me-but I'm the Predator ironically after doing 14 years straight in prison on blocc C-Walking you still see me-while you Princess Aladdin's waiting for a Genie-you just a lad men but no men I got a magical K.P laddle spoon you can't gee me-I'm roasting Oscar Mayer let alone you weenies-that been P.C before the Sensitive Needy's-P.H.U-Pee You-naw just pee on you peon's with no spoon-and I cook up with the Big Dipper The Moon-Sparky still sparkling with your stolen gold chain-you make the white dude in the Stole Music Video look the coolest you such a no grace-no face-dishonorable disgrace-no Ace-Joker Gang still getting paid-known to claim the fame never been a part of the Insane A-Gang-jealous the whole time-while I be smashing on the mainline back in the hole for another knife-was ill when that intent to kill 4501.A with G.B.I got reduced on a plea even got half time but not never ya'll half stepping halftime weenies-inferior snitches-why cuz we superior with riches-burried alive in the Hood Fame-from day one you a rat to me phony yes please more balony ranking stanking Tony I don't want no Trouble I'm stinken rat that needs to see a Psych even the Avalon A-Gang homies say you a phonie-all you missing is a sign that says phone me-at 1-800-RAT-KING-of course it's toll free-just like 911 the Police-those are the only blues you sport with a brass shield-draft Dodger's stuck in Left Field-no Stadium Way-why it's the turf that the real Insane A'$ paved in L.A-and Grant G-Wax-Gee you sure can rap-but Gee you can RAT better then that-quit lying-everytime I upload pussy you crying-dry your eyes here's a Maxi Pad-you the complete opposite of Max at my pad-you little JA to the D to the E-stop snitching to the Authorities you FIBBI-tryna steal my Record Company-next time make sure you amongst people that are your real company-Fujimoka-you's a joke bra-never no cream on top of your moca-just some cottage cheese-and by the way how is Granny?-little Tweety Bird that sings-yellow belly coward ass canary-you bammer weed-with all the seeds-banned to me-from the right to bleed-lolly lop go drown in a Lollycup-filled up with your tears of joy boy juice-fell from that peach tree-like a little peach pussy-when we were little kiddies-still soft like peach fuzz-you never got up-you hit that big ass rock-turned you into a Barney Rubble Fruity Pebble No Don-you been singing I could make your Bedrock no King of Hearts you singing I could make your head rock-ooh baby I be stuck like Elmer Fudd glue baby my dome is the G-Spot I could make your head rock-Remember when I smashed your head in the cement ground-while choking you out-then you was begging for me to stop while tapping out-then a few years later while I was locked down-the homie told me you got stomped the fucc out-at Schurr High School around-the same time in a riot I stomped out Evil Loko in the face and mouth-why do you think they call me the Bigfoot Dominoe King-One Two-Red & Blue we got all the extra dough & cheese-you and the Twins are fire bug liars-a.k.a The Great Balls Of Fire-telling people I made you Greenlighters-but how I was in Prison in the Ad-Seg Hole with the G.P Lifers-and hardly anybody used to write me-just my fam bam-while I was doing time like a purple clock named Grand Dad-you bustahs ain't worth a penny and I'm sitting on top of GrandL.And-Thousand Green IsL.And on top of that-that's 100 times 10 my fake best friends-ya'll real worst enemies-the definition of Friendemy-so don't even pretend to be-got out of prison on parole I'm still riding no surrender flea-stay off my nuts-even though ya look like my nuts-two twin balls-isn't it ironic cuzz?-Grant the RAT is the trunk-because he holds hidden jewels-forbidden to view-because he's trying to steal the Persian Prince rug from under you-working with my Sister-is what I hear from the secret whispers-they the Andy's no Shawshank Redemption-I'ma Free Man like Morgan and back to prison is where they hope I'm headed-call me the Warden of Shawshank Kamikaze till the end-till I blow off my head-out the window I'm gone enough of the truth has been said-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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