Verse1. No good I heard you told on the Hood we dip you low and say "FUCC All Of YA'LL" you blow up by giving it up Industry Hoodrat you still can't sell big Multi Platinum Plaques what happened to your first album? Did you come out with a second you been flopping for so long nobody knows your songs cuz nobody gotta be absent in this Recording Studio Sessions Christina Milian can't even sell a million you need other Artists spotlights to sell on the charts you trife you the Black Paris Hilton in this muthafucca right here your Buzz ain't Lightyear but you a Toy Story cause you get played with like a Happy Meal Toy that you is you ain't worth the free WI FI at Mc Donald's no pick up no reception blocked for so many years that ain't no good cocc it's rotten it appears fucc your fishing boat trap we sunk that like B.O.A.T.S that went Titanic I'm off 2 times 2 Chains you getting dug out like some shitty dirt to the Mantis you P.Ced up from them Trapstar Hoes on the block them Preying Mantis Black Widow Arachnid's you know where the Trap is that's the spots on your Map bitch that you stay away from how you gonna say you from New Jersey the slums? But you more like from New Jersey dumpsites no Outlaw No Turnpike just look at you flop ass albums. You ghostwrite but you get ghost on sight when them Ghost Busters slide on thru and try to buy you like a Mc Donald's drive thru Happy Meal Toy stop it you sad your breath look like it got Bi Polar Manic Depression you don't need to "Dip It Low" you need some Depakote or maybe some Haladol but not really because I heard you a stool pigeon like the rest of them lame hoes that ain't winning like Lola Monroe got cut from her Label cause she bound to keep flopping a buzz killer for sure fake like her airbrushed ass on a fake page that shit look like a rotten pear that's some bad crack bad dope good luck queen los but how you hiding in the town you barely come out Lil Ciara with no Goodies I got Baddies that are Hoodies that will mash ya'll rotten apple bottoms till you no goodie you the opposite of the Baddies that I smash till they got no booty
Verse2. Christina Milian ain't worth a squirt of a million I'm VanderBillyond I change tracks to bills & put them in The Vault it ain't my fault did I do that again one more time with your Urkel Side saying got any cheese? Like a Hoodrat on the rise you dirty ass version of Minnie Mouse no Lady in Red more like you ain't worth a gravy baby speck from a Jive Hot Turkey what stuffing ya'll keep spilling your guts tighten them loose lips up and Scary Hilson married to Mr.Wilson and I'm O-Dawg Denace The Menace Max & J is Ruff it's to bad the pretty girl rock was made out of bread crumbs a dummy rock that went rock bottom like the abandoned Detroit Slums that went bankrupt ya turning me off Scary Hilson No Boys Allowed that's good cause that's The Hood you been blocked for so many years too you know God don't like ugly trust me you no Swan Queen just a ugly mud duckling that's only good for crud ducking & cum sucking I just read Mr.Ibaka just dumped you like a piece of Kaka courtesy flush please ranking stanking hoes ain't in my vicinity they lose like a popped cherry to virginity I'm so clean my cesspool the Virgin City to fresh to tidy ya'll toilet bowl mouth potty breath sows need some 2,000 flushes or somthing you be using Binkaka or Tough Acting Toenactin Shit Tacs Deathsavers oh HELL NAW! Lord Please Save Me! Mentoes with toe tags smelling like some dead cats and ass in a dirty body bag a barn or a zoo what the fucc happened to you? You got the sickest Vendetta I was just tryna take your cheddar I already did better I'm sipping on whatever you not sipping on if it's Omereta then I'm sipping on Ateremo to be attracted to ya''l ugly mud duck heads I need some Rainbow Weed Smoke Labratory grown made only for the richest not the poor they no good used to kinda say they so hood now they just no hood and no good.

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