Maxavelli Dvious Mindz
Malt liquor spitter-Maxavelli Cocker Spaniel Maltese with me-Ima smooth moth silker-spitting sicker then the sickest could spit nigga the sickest-I'm on some Louis & Clark shit-Superman after dark bitch-I'm like Cryptonite I spark shit-blow you out your Hush Puppies now they don't bark bitch-I start shit-then finish ya at the finish line-diminishing they side-for dissing my side-I pave and make the Oregon Duck Trail-with the rawest hoes that give me duck and tail-ooh woo like Duck Tales-that's how we get paid Scrooge Mc Duck Money Bins all day-Ima Hellboy I spit and pepperspray-make it pepper rain-pepper mace-like in a perps face-it's the Amazing Hearse Race-how I drag race- and drag lames away-to they final resting place-I passed Everquest the game way before Atari-Monopoly & Sorry-I was the first way before Sega and Sega Genesis-Omega Nemesis-how I kill a bitch-from the first Alpha-never no Sleeper tho-like Central-from the first Apple-One King like Washington I planted Johnny Apple seeds-Family Tree-I get ever worm like every early birdy-I taught Krayzie Bone & Chamillionaire how to be riding dirty-I'm the Hellboy my handle is alwayz pearly-I swarm with no warning- like a pack of killer hornets-I got ill sick handles like Muggsy Bogues from the Charlette Hornets-I got CP3 hot handles like New Orleans-bullets is Hornets-load em up Ima Hot Clipper from LA to the LA-I smoke ya like that La La La -I'm Hell's number one permanent resident-the Devil voted for me 4 President-why because I taught him how to be hellish bent-the 180 Hades I relish in it-I stay on point like the Eifel Tower-you catch a eyefull then you cower-Original Hoodstar shine-leaves Jesus Christ-blind when he rised-starlight-star bright-I'm the only star you see tonight-and that's 4 life-Mack 10-Big Mac packing-I'm Ronald Pack Donald-I serve over a billion Happy Meal packages Mrs.Pac Man my bitch-you get ghost from me like if I was the 5-0 -and you was every Americas Most Wanted Criminal-you's a simple hoe-bust it baby pimple hoe-I Rip Van Winkle yo soul-why cuz I'm Rob Van Winkle Ice Ice baby 2 cold-to the extreme-that's me and my Supreme Team-we got the hardest stones like Griffin's that's how we rock up that cream-my street buzz emakulent- buzzing like a Killer Hornet's nest-call me Saint Gabriel when I'm in the Valley Saint Andrews in the city-I drew the city-when I spit and spray pretty graffitti-I smoke Cali Gold pot bowls with Leperachaun and stay 4 ever weeded-I beat on vics-like my dick-like in the pen when I be beating-I leave the top tier bleeding-I'm too good you swear I cheated-when I leave my competition defeated-I feed the needy-by being greedy-like Cheech & Chong with the weedies-I got all the green like Cloves to Beedies-knock em out the ball park when I get heated-them ball park weenies-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

Maxavelli Prod.By Dvious Mindz song meanings
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