Verse1. Love them at your own risk-you say you own it-but the Government do-I feel you-down to die for the hood-but your own homies wanna see you up to no good-knock on wood-I knock on Bleakwood-I thank my Lord the Third Eye for the many lessons-and my plenty of blessings-I leave empty guessings-in the equation that equals a question-you love them for now-just don't regret it later when you down & out-remember cheap thrills don't last forever-lost in love is what you digesting-that mentality could wind you up resting-Blackfish snappers-mixed with drugs have ya red top capping-like magic mushroom's set tripping-you say you loved them but you gon be wishing-you didn't
Verse2. Love them at your own cost-that toss-ain't worth losing your Boss-& gloss-love them jewels & floss-lose your life if it attracts the wrong-all them rats snitching on Kaz-give it to me in writing that your not-and if your lying then I own what you got-we all know the rumors floating around-from town to town-is true-cuz if it wasn't then why don't you sue?-because you can't you'll get counter sued-& lose-you is used & abused-live your no life as a ruse-your head looks like a Rubic Cube-you talking about that it's not the truth-then sue me fool-then you lose-and by the way I'm suing you-now what you do?-
Verse3. Love them for what?-they roll over on ya like a dirty mutt-no trust-means no love-they Dope Feind but they got cracked by they own ones-under investigation for snitching & conspiring on me-lying to the authorities trying to steal & ruin my record company-KazeLoon Records K.R.C-to the K.D Lean I.N.C-just remember-Forever is Forever-& Never means Never-you better-keep your lips sealed like a sealed letter-to the President not just to whoever-we know you on a Vendetta-cuz you failed your mission to the last letter-to frame & set me up with the Feds Huh?-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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