Verse1. My little bro Lil Joe always got five on it down to roll & belittle foes Big Ben One to the O tee da lee hit the Lean 7-11 G-K Ghetto Kingz eternally chili cheese on nachos cold cash hot cash all in one now picture that they fakes on a white plastic tip like them Swisher Packs they switch fast when they in the midst of a Sav Lil Luniz got five on it my Lil Joe little locz always down to rippiddy roll crush up city stones and Mix them with the city jungle smoke till primo wraps up our soul no returning back to the globe unless we do some Morphine come down from orbit and plant our feet back on Derty Ferty solid ground like Bud stems I bring you beef by the packs like Budzig who wants this obviously none or you woulda let it be known long time ago ya rankers don't tally in this Golden State of Killa Cali From L.A City to Da Valley we got them Folgers & Kush Crystals by the Mountain
Verse2. Lil Ben my ninja Joe got the Red Devil's dough hottest cash by the pizza rack by the Mediterainean who can do it better man no one but Derty Ferty L.And you can rep it in your hood all day everyday just make sure you up to Green equals = good ninjaz is welcome to bang Derty Ferty in every L.And in every hood it's where the grass the greenest and the weed is good where we hustle not kill where we work not steal stay on the Lean path to pay the bills or you might get killed Armadillo Skrill ball hard with a good hood appeal to keep it real try to get a Grant online save your money in your savings account so you can have a better roll of the dice sacrifice don't buy all the extra mumbo jumbo that's how you bubble use coupons and always find the stores daily double stock up on Ramen's any flavor will do there all good be careful when drinking the Ramen Soup it gives you pimples just like Dairy Products, Soda, Sweets, Hot Sauce, B.B.Q Sauce, Salad Dressing, and other greasy food I'm Big Face Benjamin I don't battle them haters them pimples for life don't pop your pimples even if the heads are white unless you want to look like the man on the moon I'm just trying to teach you Lil Joe's all I know wash your face on the daily with some plain old Ivory Soap use the theory of hot water, soap then cold to close the pores and let it air dry a towel has more germs on it then you think crack the window open a little fresh air is good for the skin trust me I'm a expert I'm the Ghetto Dermatologist Mr.Tetracycline

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