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Verse1. I spit Liverpools-kill your liver fool-that's what dat Lean Rivers do-I producer Beatles- by the beat load-how I spit it's legendary lethal-you need cheat codes-I exhale Game Genie smoke-have ya passing any level-high and desheveled-you say goodbye I say hellow-L.S.D "Legendary Song Deliverer" I made Lucy In The Sky Fall-I 9-Ball-Mak 11 Tha Foxx doing stunts on da daily-like Trapeze-make fake da Great Gastasby-by outgassing-the last breed-to the last creed-of the last entity-you'll always remember me-as the Forever Seed-cause my songs plant Trees of Knowledge-envied by famous scholars-no apalla-I do it for my Allah-my 3rd Eye Father-look back a billion years from now-KazeLoon still da Legendary Untouchable Lean Sound-playing from town to town-traveling from ear to ear crown to crown-
Verse2. Just like the stars will forever shine down from Heaven-so will our Hoodstar sound 24-7-that's called Legend-no leg end-just a begining-the difference is we pass on your free refills-no thirst we spill-Lean Pills-one pop-no going fizzle-kill dat drizzle-with misslez-of da Rizzle-da truth is hard to feel-tell it to em straight-no U-Turn no wrong way-they start to go blank-flip flop and sank-in a shark tank-ya fell hard & tanked-now who's to blame-it wasn't me mentioned-in the title credits-when them other Producers entered I been exited-but I was never really there-Phantom of The Opera spiritually?it's still up in da air-and that's just fair-Ghost Writer-while locked up in four as Juvie Lifer-plus a 1800 it seems-yes indeed-Mr.Deed's is a small favor compared to me-& my Lil Jacc'z Pizza Deliveries-Why On A Ryder? Is it cause I push them wheels of steel like a G.P mainliner?-or is it my Lean Swag-dat I got like every pussycat-in da bag-like new cash-by da blue bulletproof dash?-Bang dat A like a Legend ask Acura I taught them-with Vigor I whittle riddles with sharp syllables-one of a king like Tiger-I been had Integra-while you still was in da egg punk-get it right or get leftsided out this bitch-I Am A Legend just ask Jada she said who the fucc is Will Smith?-
Verse3. To truly be remembered thru the hands of time is a Legend-to be here gone tomorrow is your 15 seconds-of fame-so they say-but who cares nowadays-anyways-so many stars been went broke & bankrupt-it's not cuz they jokes dat they sunk-bad management & shady deals-perceived as 100 dollar bill-but the invisible small print made them lose they bills & dey deals-& mills or even meals-dats real-I feel-I been thru hell myself-praying for appeals-or the law to change-in my 10 by 8 cage-is Insanity-I poked some holes in the 180 windows so I could breath-inhaled the fire of the Beast Belly-but it was cooler then my Cell of Hell-I know how The Dragon felt-in da Dungeon-or the sacrificial Virgin in da Volcano's stomach-or the grub being munched on by bigger species-who are feed-for bigger living things-that leads-to the Top of the Food Pyramid the Human Beings-soon as a Legend is born a Legend surely dies-but this Legend right here to this day is still One Of A Kind-Mr.Joker Card High-The Globe da Lowin this Spade Game of Life-hate to pop your cherries but it's the origin of truth-I'm A Legend da proof-you might be doing it big but I've been doing bigger then you-before you-Rarest Form is my cesspool-like The Beatles to Liverpool-you's a Chapman-I'm Charlie Chaplin-tap dancing-on you-in black & white until you turn purple,black, & blue-if you a Legend then you-KazeLoon-

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