The Real McCoy-MC at the 309-to real for dem Boyz-yeah we Hood Rich-chuccing up that one Hood Crip-the C is a croissant with extra cheese the Crescent Moon up in it-on hit Tapestry's draped out-I be moving on the flow I'm Sir Francis Drake now-I spit like a Camel Lion-I'm on my Lama Ridah-Chamillion gonna make a million all da time bruh-as da world turns-my bad girls pearls burn-like Seabor shots-fly like the Green Fairy from the Seaport Dock-when you wake and a hoe tryna succ it off da sacc-dats called bomb pole believe dat-smokers wanna kill them on sight-Birds of Prey we flip them all day and night-Ima real surreal Stuntman from L.A-I make movies when I stunt then spit about it call it Michael Bay-never dropping like Molly Time-we have a jolly time-popping like Tylenol red and yellow capsules looking like bags of Jolly Time-my beats knocc-I kill them to they B.S.O.D-oh so bad like T.H.O.T-Them Hoes On Trill-they kill all your thoughts-these succah butts-give you the best bang for your bucc-3 dollar Bill Clinton's from dem punks-she took me to "The Fields Of Gold" we made it Platinum-Hamerica we going harder then that cuzz-I treat people like a new Big Face-blue stripe official-dont need a Jamaican Red Stripe to feel ya-I'm sipping on Watermelon 4 Loko spitting Watermelon seeds that will kill ya-I usta slang drugs never Wolf ticcets-now I just sip on suds and Politiccet-like fat people at Smorgie's & Hometown Buffet I'm just chasing Meal Ticcets-tryna not to be a Walking Disaster like Sum 41 & minus my Playboy Gee-tryna stay off the streets but right in the hood I be-for over 30 years plus same O.G-same streets-Floral Drive, Brooklyn Ave., Hammel & Gleason Street-ever since 1982 the REAL Peeps know me-a Kiccstarter ironically no rotten apple but I stay brewing-Mak 11 Da Foxx spit White Lighting but ya'll ain't ready for the Pruno drink-our Spud Juice will leave ya peeled-one sip will leave ya killed-a King Size Baby Ruth in your asshole that's not the deal-I kicc it off Jihad finisher-come & get your StreetLife Souljah edition bruh-if I had to lay down a demo-it's to help people like with da style from da mental-I told my Foxxy Girl this ain't no rental-you gotta pimp my ride 4 life she my lentils-my first pulse from the first pod-near the east my first crops-two pigeon peas in a pod-we work it that's our job-twin doves duccing birdshot-I love my turf like God-I make dem hoes have da thirst till it throbs-I'm from Brooklion dats why i flow from da top-of da Food Chain-for my Hood Mang-we on 4 ever hop like FrogL.And we stay up like Marengo wall-I'm in the House like SoHo-that's why so many hoes wanna Sew Loc-they wanna Bull Dyke & Sew Hoes-nice view looking like Rainbow Crystals & Cocoa-Northern Lights on the L.A Northside-getting up like thieves in the night-tryna steal a glimmer of the moonlights shine-before sunrise-just like the L.A River Basin where Artists are claiming there slice of da pie-Killah Cowboys with Aersols that spray on sight-Peaces & Oners cold Chamelion Rainbow Gunners-I stay high just to cope-getting up like Saber & Dope-on the L.A Freeway-just to free my pain-from da First Street like Chaka my bacc up is always a Roach my best partnah-a little something to put me to sleep-if da need B-after da latenight activity sprees-bricc by bricc we build shit-like Builders Emporium on Woods Ave & Pomona to 3rd Street-posted like Tone & Look in red tags-just like 742K R.I.A on Telford Street right near South Bleakwood Ave.-we stay up like Below in light blue on the Pomona Freeway Overpass-looking like Benee hit up on Brooklyn Ave.-call me BANK-B & K for Brooklyn me & Drifts Fuccing Up Society-I used to tag Basm in 2nd Grade with Bama in the Bathroom of Robert Hill Lane Elementry-after that it was ORIK a spin off of Drifts-who was tagging REEN-in the 213-then he got jumped into Rascals I got jumped in The V-but before that I was banging AB-Ima Westside Kiccstarter-run it bacc for da Homies that fell like Spooky, Ghost, Nosey, Wicced, Rascal, & Kiccer way harder-ain't looking for handouts like KickStarter-less money in da bank makes me way smarter-less problems no more gang charges-when you a Big Man doing it Suavey-they wanna hit ya with that Rico turn you into a little man like chico honestly-I keep it simple & Gangsta like Prison just Soups & Coffee-all the extras from Canteen I don't need-I keep it clean-that's my policy-on the line I stay with Hygiene-loccers full on me-but a lot of times I'm in the S.H.U 45 fat is all I see-same thing when I was young on da streets-a Special Military Edition fat Colt 45 is all I see-it's like my Dad passed me down his like genes- to heredity-I regret nothing especially my Colt 45 falling out my pants & going cling cling-on the Eastside concrete-then being taccled by the M.P Police-and then charged with too many felonies-around 30 at the age of 14-how you think-I got deemed a straight Menace To Society-why do you think-the ween dings-be slanderizing-jealousy will do that while all da baddies still swanging-& that's until my Earthworm Jimmy Dean-better have me cremated or be a victim of Nephrofiliac Grave Robbing-& real stiff body slobbing-while they fly is it the Abomber Fluid or is it just me-a KickStarter like LEAN-who gots the GASO'S bacc yes indeed-Mr. Berry Ripple too-like Jacc just to Jill-Resident Evil T-Virus in front of the 41526-cuhzz a nigga way too sicc-it's dat KazeLoonatic Music-us Loonacydalz do this-one shot of Monsoon one part Typhoon we Saloon spit-it's dat K.T.B-(Kamikaze Tsunami Blastahz) Kings That Blast till the last gilateen-like Candyman Killah Beez-that's how we Avalanche roll on Blacc & Yellow Mongoose Shimano's thru da city streets-of 213 so fresh until it's 323-the Archangels flying with me-as I blare God's trumpet like the messenger of The Almighty-G.O.D(Good Over Death) or Ghetto Overlord Devilz-you tell me you Auto Tune it on your bass, chords, & trebel-but I always get the last edit on the final review of mastering levels-spitting it call me Pastor Devil-a Outcaster a Rebel-diggin on da scene wit a Gangsta Lean a Outlaster with a shovel-we Outblasting da bellows-we Outrafting da river dats yellow-we out stashing da Mellow Mellows-we out hatching da sounds of 4ever echoes-we Outmatching da Hoodfellows-when we out smashing 4 da marshmellows-we out saccing the other teams Q.B dats how we say HELLO-no byes as we mash out da gas pedal-make em tap out for da medals-when I bring it out da mental-my Think Tank Da L.AB I'm so Town N Ghetto-I dropped 14 Mixtapes in less then two months now who shits harder?-on you fishes I spit tartar-double up Heroin made em sleep no starter-my Copyright Registrations made there clips smaller-we blacclist dey shine we Eclipse Ballahz-who's cliccz larger?-it's dem One Two Sixx G-Code Quiet Stormerz-who's Viral hits larder?-we on throw on slang on big barter-paint the ocean we so wavey like dem big markers-we go too deep with a Blue Flag Left John Madden put it in da bacc of my bacc poccet-like da tracc I locced it-it can't be dropped like my wallet-full of Ballaholics-I can't call it-money ain't a thang so how you gon stall it-I'm on my Green IsL.And doing it like Harper-call us Belvedere Parkstarz-dis dis dis is Da KiccStarter-no need for no Low Bottom Barrel Drums dis shit still hits harder-

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