Verse1. Jack be nimble Jack be slick I don't give them jack shit except my big ole Jack & The Beanstalk dick climb on up and get Giant is what I tell them hoes Construction Worker Construction Paper we get it by the thick brick layer you came in like a wrecking ball no not at all you can't knock down these walls it's God's Building you the opposite of God's ceiling holding Speakeasy meetings always in the Godfather's building hard knock block feeling I burn the wax like the track it's Lil Jack I be nimble I hold water opposite of a thimble Big Top Hat that's my Monopoly Piece we on top of that Monopoly Man Boardwalking got out of prison I'm bored so I'm walking Park placing in the Park escaping to the Monterey Views awaiting
Verse2. Jack be nimble Jap be quick I'm quicker then I can burn the skin off my dick on the Big Lic Candlestick Park applause with my candlestick in The Park I'm on Kong Kinging it out No Nick Keegan no doubt no scam bam thank you mam just a wham on the double with Lil Jack I got that Marco Polo action smoker hoes want some dope in a orderly fashion special orders they fax may it's tax free no rent we all live free in God's Building I'd rather be in the studio then on the block not digging tired of the games Society plays to make you go a stray from the Home Plate I cook it up in my dome main with my candlestick on propane they say Go Daddy give me a domain I tell them okay here's some Snovacaine
Verse3. Killers & Druggies love me I grew up with them in the Slum Scene cold hearted diggers digging in the core of the Cold World until they hit a nerve and strike a feeling I heat them up with my candlestick show them the light and guide them with my Mic it's Lil Jack better have your fireproof suit on or get swooped on and carried away in the Firey Eye of the Fire Storm Third Eye is who I ride for who I die for he got the Ultimate Highscore on point like the Tri Force Pyramid stacks upon racks on top of cash that sits on the stash of scratch by the mat stuff it with Big Face Benjamin Buttons gotta love it we above it that's why Snow Dove flip the history of death and life then rock it up in my rhymes bubble on the block like double time popping bubbles with my keen insight that pumps in my Lean Mind

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