In The Zone Gambit
Me and my Boss click way to acaustic we beat ya at all cost trick and what I spit is for free so how you gonna beat me and my made team hoes always like to lick in clicks my sausage links like if I was a Portugal King I get hoes the wettest like the Portugal City by the sea one of my bars the 7 oceans how I be Lean flowing I still keep it eternal going even though I'm Universal Souljah Cryo Chamber frozen i spit the artic coldest I get shit right keep it tight and bring new order like 12 commandments and Moses I'm rolling with the concreate jungle dozen roses I posess the soul of every poet I spit cash flows money over everthing M.O.E.T let it flow like party goers dranking on Moet Henessey Tody taking over everybody with my Lean disease you don't gotta ask anybody they call me Jack like Tennessee Tody I got bad breezy's that spy on me they look like She spy they pay me with they cream pies they be stalking watching me for leezife I'm Biggie times Pac tryna duckthey demise I'm like Big L times Camaflague watching out for the snakes from behind I'm like Pimp C times Mossberg overdosing from this LifeI'm Mr.Baseball Tom Selleck pitching the game that's what I'm selling I'm the Devil every Warden of Prison which is living hell I'm the S.H.U Master I got the key to every cell the keys are my brain cells call me Big Ben hit her with Lil Joe my little friend from the backdoor hit it like a fagot call it camel humping roll them up like tobacco my game to thick like black hoes with bootyholes bigger then the black hole call my shit Frank White what I flip Notorious B.I.G bricks Junior Mafia aint involved in this shit or the so called snitch Lil Kim I got that Einstein Lightbulb bright mind these rats are to dim they think nocturnal cuz they stay switcherooing and turning in my Hellish rat trap they burning it's hard to live the American Dream when America is against me & my team it's just me against the world with the world against me I breathe insanity I breed in the hourglass the grains of sands are my seeds on me I got all the hoes that I never had hating on me they mad cuz I aint tag team or put a label brand or tag on them I got all the power cuz of the water flow I supply it like Public Works call me Mr.edison and Mr.D.W.P with all the power & water current flow I'm the Big Homie like Mao the highest Patrician you aint holding no weight like malnutrition

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In The Zone Prod.By Gambit song meanings
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