She love my TNT Dynamite Sticc-she say it makes her feel Immortal with every licc-we shine like a Supernova-way after it's all over-The Hand of God is what Wifey uses to spark my Immortal Sticc-I grew up with CONS that are grumpy like the Crab Of Nebula on me-Hoodstars-that launch shooting stars-like when Wifey make me bust a fat hot clip-by Maestroing my Immortal Sticc-to the last drip-of drips-she do it to clean and Lean no Drips-inherit the spirits gift-lyrics smyrics-they tripping off of stupid shit-it's a consumption of music what you digest and then spit-intake everyday scenerios basically Biology-then bring it bacc to the table of LIFE honestly-I spread what I've learned honorably-Life is 2 short so you might come up short in Life-but I-try to strive-to come up in the long run with the prize-I'm from the College but never enrolled instead I blaze trails like Rasheed Wallace-you drop the game winning ball there's your career like the Steelers Wallace-my hands to good Holmes that's why I do it on Brooklyn like C.Wallace-from 3rd to Wilshire no coming up short like Bone Thugs Wally-taking no shorts or no losses it's always the 1st of the month I call it Blacc Harley-Bluedevil Duke like Pac got my bacc-we roll you up in da sac-and smoke that-then blow out Baby King Cobras-and tame him with the Ballad of a Dead Souljah-the citch nigga that said the game is to be sold told bruh-flashy ballers don't wear they clothes twice-hood niggaz wear they clothes they tats for life-ain't no taking them off they raw hide-ain't no flaws in dat pride-we do it big with a Taurus-carlot clips full of Thunderbirds and Ford Taurus-I keep it moving while flashing with the Tourists-busloads of that green tortoise-my Gangsta Citch spy on me like a Peaking Ducc-she love when we peaking den she ducc-I scrape her blacc hole-like a rezinated blacc bowl-then use the blacc dragon blast & blow-she still catching the surf and turf-she loves my little shrimps she eat em like a bosshog until da urn-give me that Poorboy with the extra pigs feet citch-way to Derty Ferty I kicc-bitch pass that Poorboy like Ima Asian Barry Sander's trying to rebuild the city-all my ghetto poor niggaz wit me-when I go out it's like Detroit streets-hoes like dogs looking lost wandering in heat-telling me to please put on they leash-and walk the doggy-more like walk the froggy-on some horny toad shit-she hopping for me her number 1 nig-we on some summer fun shit-make them nights real long run it run it-one hunnit or nuttin bitch-we in the Tiny House looking like twin Nips-smoking on da Tokyo Bowls on a Sumo tip-FYI "For Your Information"-we doing it in the "Blazin Station"-like we instatutionalized cellies in prison patiently waiting-them haters be hatin-it's ok there show canceled before the pilot we take off on em wit flight simulation-we pimp da sky with cloud 9 Pimpalation-I'm so 1 duece live pimpin who oppose they die simpalation-Kettle Cooked chippers-we hard cash flippers-we drown haters we salt and vinegar dippers-my gangsta citch a man eater a Preying Mantis she loves to eat the male-she goes to church to repent for her nasty tail-she a Blacc Widow Witch-wit a cold ass switch-thanks to my cold woody her broomsticc-to the death she loves my red rum licorice-it's my head, nuts, she loves to licc whorish-she flying high off it-she dirty she hates water like the Wizard of Oz Wicced Witch-like acid blacc pyramids she be melting in a cesspool of mean green-looking like her naked face she a Medusa Snake kinda Jake-but I still thug love her all the same-she's my joy and pain-my yellow sunshine after the rain-my Smile Now save the crying for another rainy day-cuhzz real Geez don't cry except when they make it to Heaven-or when they go to Hell because the eternal pain is 24-7-I got this Asian Town-on loccdown-Manzanar Lock Up Raw extended stay-is it cuz we got the Rainbow Chamilion blended Jane-the rarest one hitter quitter Deadend Strain-I amended the gang-made it better for our peeps I been defending the pave-big D like P.T-good for you hood for me-haters wanna see you stucc like the big bitch big 6 in a losing hand-they don't want to let you see daylight or be born again-I wiped her down with IT-now she the shit-haters caught the vapors of my Tooty we must admit-they got a real good wiff-dat hood piff-of my hot shit-now they got the mad cow disease-it's little Jacc in da Cracc secret sauce recipe-nothing but eyes filled with green envy and mean jealously-that's why my girl look Medusa green-she forever call me her One Ducer King-she be seducing me-and my Tooty Lean-but she thug loves it in her booty crease-my newly seeds-it makes her blacc cat Felix putty sing-she my KazeLooney Queen-me & her live on top of Strawberry Hills on the Boonie's scene-I launch her like my lugies stream-on the fast tracc-she the Mak flash-how I make her bust is truly a dream-the way I make her squirt we fill up the Jacuzzi wit da sea-no salt just pepper no Sgt. Lonely Heart Club beat-she loves my Immortal Sticc Tooty-my Magic Mushroom in her bedroom see-I'm her King of Hearts she is my Queen-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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