Hot ones you can catch them at infra red dot com-I put my blocc on-like welts from the Level 4 Block Gun-I'm ballin with my Nips-how you think the Flips-got the name higher class Mexicans-because in the Islands Little Tokoyo is a mix of them-can't trust these poison rats-they wanna be your meal to the last-fake Kamikaze's no honor in that-they wanna smoke with you Rainbow Saccs-then call you a Snake in the Grass-but hope you get the munchies and eat they ass-just so the dirty poison rats-could poison your ass-Hot Chips is Andy Capp's-the flow retarded I'm coming so handi from the cap-always handy is my cap-I gangsta move like after prison visits hand to hand with the caps-Hot Fries big packages like Amway-so magical like from Orlando to Anahiem big castle kingdoms no scamway-the Happiest Place on Earth the Amsterdam way-how many grams per day?-just ask the Hamsters dat run all day-let's geek and trip-sideways on a bitch-perfect way to hear Steve Murkle say did I do that-tricc you don't even gotta ask-I'm built rock hard like the Pantheon-that's why them hoes ain't got no panties on-popping Oculus holes-to shiny for the God's on the thrones-the way I'll twist them like Oliver Twist-like if I had no parents never ever knew no orphanage-grew up in the juvenile system in Y.A drinking that Twist-like if it was a family tradition I carried it to the Pen-Ima True Bluedevil Duke call me Winslow-I got that cop heat the Durkle-ready to Murkle-if you tripping & geeking like Urkle-hot ya your can finna soar like Myra-pop your bubblicious have ya looking stale & flat like Tyga-no make up Ima natural no Tyra-a top model-I mold them into perfect Sebor that's just a pop bottle-I'm on every beat-2 sicc for deez beatz-I'm the transportable one with tanks-a gangsta on the move with the flow times water banks-The Arc Of Convenant never sank-I run it like coreography for the movie Running Man-who needs to run for President I am dat Big Face 1 Hunnit Man-Priorty Mail Express I'm shipping all dat I can-any weight I'm shipping Gramstadam-going Hamsterdam-you win some you lose some-like Bruce in the car accident-then him axing his head-I keep it to clean when I deal-Cardinals in my Shoe ya feel-on da real-my pawns is bishops-my bishops is kings-shit my pawns is queens-ninjaz be wearing T-Shirts heated up-turn them T-Shirts into sweaters don't get heated up-don't never sweat em-cuz parole they'll never let em-you wanna bet em?-if you lose you better pay up-if not you get turnt into hot chips-by the Murdah Blocc Clicc-we so hot and good on scream like a Summer Jam-Bacon Western Cheeseburger on 1hunnit mang-follow the rules to the letter man-use your tools like Leatherman-keep it clean like hey how you doing? ask & be a better friend-I be knoccin that dust off the pussy-old school dust off that pussy-I'm so old school I prehistoric that pussy-I hit it up like Bank & Orik ya pussies-if I'm not the man of the New Millenium then why you all on my Y2K?-why you all on my duece triple 0 everyday all day-kicc that detox-like niccing for a hit of cream rocc-Big Bubba my cellmate-his every tray-everyday-he say-is cornbread-and he don't want it that's what he said-so I told him you gonna eat your cornbread-you know Wifey love my King Cobra she take it to the necc like a foe 0-she succ the poison out until it's a King Snake on blow doe-you haters coming up short you a rat tail-I'm a King Cobra just checc the bacc blacc scales-we cold globe like the convicted Russians-G-Code on Hushian-like our lips froze together no discussing-we keep it clean I swear to God no cussing-I'm a Dark Angel Clark Kent-with a dark tint-I got a halo around my heart it's bent-I get craccin when I locc it down-like the first Walnut Street Jail to OJC Chinatown-Nightmare Before Christmas N.B.C-"Natural Born Crooks" yes Jacc is me-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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