Verse1. Hood flavor good paper yeah but my niggaz I been broker then broke folks my life locked back in the four M.C.S with nothing not even a real mat C.O's I shouldn't of gassed with them milk carton's filled up with Joker Venom gas and a splash of Wormwood and Ash insane Drank the Hood Flavor one sip you meet your maker that might be me The Life Taker I'm Kane's Undertaker Abel who a ghost whisper we don't hear that Ghost Shadows camaflague me No Fear when I blast Phantom Lear Destroyer take over your foyer Bulldog Lesbos by the Hoyas all loyal to pop the boil burn the eternal Lean Oil my black ink liquid Heroin & Penzoil Speed Ballean & High Low Rolling Dilo Shogunz never die loc we Wicced Coastin keep the wick lit when I'm toasting more butter no need pass the Space Jam Knott's Berry Farm buds coming after that gotta a nigga under the Spellbinder magically get it by binder bubble block grinder I make the take no cut just in your face razor blades create disgrace no trace aim for pain juggle jugular veins laced with lames bloodstains on flood gate don't trust may I don't even trust myself rider ass nigga in prison burried in Intellectual Property wealth fucc a mill I want a bill no charge or pun on mines we eating free for life
Verse2. Lean high beams all my eyes beam Kalico Kid Hazel Green out balling the Team named Dream just ask Kirby who's worthy to venture in our DreamL.And where the China White cream at we feeds dat to Amsterdam Ghetto Bastards on Dizzamnn double wham no thank you mam she was a tramp from the first plant before the tree of life I painted her in my Prison mind trapped in Prizm light easy to see too hard to find why you seek the unknown what you looking for is fork in the road but it's really the Crossroads crack the Sebor bottle realease the Lost Souls Hood Flavor banned from Baskin Robbins for teaching them 31 flavors annd how to be too cold my nuts on froze that's why I'm too bold brush flakes off like my Dandruff Snow Devil's Dandruff Evil Coke stashed in my Weasel Hole where I paint the prettiest Easel's Picasso envy's them from the Afterlife this Alley Blaster Life got us thinking more then twice stick to the Beta old school movies learn something then talk about them real studies I milk hoes by the pair bubble like bosom buddies twin peak hoodlums all the baddies love me so ghetto hit them like Kirby Pucket in a Dirty Stolen Bucket Derty Ferty Thuggin Kirby my buckah my dirty buster Hood Flavor with that Green IsL.And flavor 5 stars times all Army stripes, stars, and bars sheen bling till it sing Lean twinkle twinklean my dirty throw away strap Billy Jean ditch her in the city scene cause of my sick witty team there's no pity Gee for the unforgiven shitty city gritty streets

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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