Verse1. It's the Hood Day a good day to do my thang all day I celebrate everyday everyday is a Hood Day so it's a good feeling to may I wake up parlay go to sleep and do it again you a fake rapper a wanna be trapper like Jay-Z or should I say Gay-Z how you gonna be a Rap King of the game but you don't count cause you lame crossed eyed wife gotta be because you ugly naw more like oogly with them big ole dick sucking lips I read on the internet Damon Dash said you switch hit is that how them lips got so big? How you gonna say that you the Rap King your flow weak you sound like a Rat Fink singing you lambchop and beyonce is Shirley goofy and nerdy going down south like dirty dirty what happend B? It seems you keep flopping compared to your old albums I guess people in reality no you ain't really the Queen Bee obviously you ain't even liked by no Bee Colonies except maybe for your money your honey sure you can sing but not the same notes in Society because people that are real in the streets don't give a fucc about a celebrity when you on some sensitive needs type of status called P.C from the streets because when you have bodyguards wherever you go how you gonna relate to me I've been G.P 14 years and don't need nobody to protect me Queendom Done I take shits bigger then you son and that's on a Ethiopian diet with a empty intestine Brooklyn Brooklyn from East L.A to New York you's a HOOK man or should I say sman cause you ain't even half the man these hoes is in the Industry for real biting off of Biggies style fucc you and your Cockafeller deal or should I say Cockafeller Dill you see my fans is real cause they from the LAnd where it's realer then real not in The Manhatten Dr.Suess get a clue I heard you be buying your own albums when I was in Prison I never ran into a nigga that told me he had your album you might of won one but you really lost one what's a Grammy when you don't want no problems you got more then 99 problems with niggaz in N.Y that's why you need all that Secret Service protection because niggaz from Brooklyn got you in they cross sights Bed Stuy more like Dead Stuy you ain't touching no mainline you commercial fruity dick in the booty bubble gum even fags don't want to chew you up you got 99 problems but a big ole black congo mandingo dick in your butt ain't one. The only time they see B is in Walmart paying people ass kiss gift cards you see me in the HOOD at every Walmart walking on foot from Walgreens to Walmart Wally World King yeah that's Kaze he ain't afraid of nothing millions of witnesses to vouch for me in L.A County mobbing through the streets like a crazy ass nigga on strike number 3 that's just this time out of prison after bringing 14 I not gonna even speak on the other times before I got locked in 1997 at the age of 14 for around 28 felonies you say you ain't hard to find but you ain't Heaven not with that Hellish decline in Record Sales and Fans are you sure your own albums you don't pay somebody to buy? I never met a lame to say you about N.Y but state that being in The Projects all day is stupid to you get a good clue how do you think hood people view and look at you? You ain't apart of The Brooklyn Zoo or Zoo York New Yetti you to good for people you laugh at them while they pockets empty while ya'll sit on your high hill looking down on everybody below but how you gonna say you cool peoples you ain't and that's been written in your fake thrones King & Queen of what Industry? You ain't never been in the streets deep freeloading off B.I.G don't make you the Brooklyn King it makes you a wanna be B.I.G ignorant shit you as little as it can get from my block to yours but you really don't have a block Marcy Projects only pretends to like you for your Smoors and the C.R.E.A.M in the middle score greedy muthafuckas not included worth close to a billion dollars for all these years I seen on T.V you can't barely even donate your own Foundation Shawn Horey Farter and Poo Poo Bee congradulations ya IGNORANT SHITS HollyHood rejects you ain't nothing money don't buy love and respect just ask the real niggaz from Houston & Brooklyn I'm from Evil Los M.P Crooklyn 1982 where we born with guns in our hands popping out the womb shooting you's just some ignorant shits some piece of shits that are stupid.

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