Hold On (2000) Prod.by Genius Boy
Verse 1. Mama said hold on-stay strong-and keep your head up to the sky-elevate your mind-always think twice-what's wrong and right-pick up the puzzle pieces of life-put them together and be precise-you will gain insight-like the old and the wise-and realize-that mankind-revolves around lies-it's so hard to be productive in a world so blind-the outcome of conflict usually ends up in demise-that's why I-strive to never decline going against the hands of time-will I meet the deadline-I'm the star that always shines-in the twilight-night-look to my future and it don't look to bright-going against all odds-OutLAwz-confined in my barz-nigga wanna do me harm-I leave them hypnotized with my charm-
Verse 2. Contain my rage-in a cage-allay my pain-good days-down the drain-I see my life float away-like a ship on a tidal wave-living in the fastlane-in a car with no brakes-smashing down the highway-on a one way-trip to the pen upstate-lifes like a game-everybody plays-dealing with fates-hoping that we can maintain-and make it to a higher stage-barricades in my way-I be ceased to amaze-haters looking for someone to blame-don't hate-cause you can't relate-try to lure me with some bait-put some dirt on my name-sprinkle salt in my game-elevate your brain- and maybe someday-you can have the same-but until then-you can't win-just for trying to contend-cuz 9 times out of 10-you'll run into a Deadend-no return-Land of No Return-never emerge-Mr.Nemesis finna serve-once you say the wrong word-you wanna test the curse-now you up in a hearse-ashes in a fuccin urn-next time you'll really learn-
Verse 3. I tip my chin to the sky-keep my head up with pride-let me shed some light-on your plight-I'm just trying to live sublime-always hustling for mines-hypnotized by the strife-but I'm still stronger then cryptonite-ride or die-never cry-it's a battle to survive-can you visualize-or are you blind-my hate runs deep and wide-advise-don't falsely advertise-parasites-by my side-tryna eat me alive-cut you niggas down to size-cut you niggas down to size-once you step out of line-deception and disguise-lies in the heart of your mind-if you have these two elements success ain't hard to find-pain is merely a part of life-you just have to endure it at a price-promises of afterlife-sold by you fakes is a lie-take a chance roll the dice-tryna hide from snake eyes-fools think they could fly with they one tracked mind-niggas steady wasting they time-waiting for signs-haters try to plant the seed of doubt-but I never let it sprout-walking out-the Dragon's mouth-making every second count-keep my head intact-never dwell about the past-cause the futures here to grasp-be on the look out for the booby traps-stay focused on path-never fall off track-making haters feel my wrath-can you adapt-to the aftermath-people changing like the weather-some bad some better-just remember-never say never-eternally means ride forever-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

Hold On (2000) Prod.By Genius Boy song meanings
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