I keep the Hive clean-like my registry-just ask Fix Bee-thanks to my freestyle song Candy everyday is Helloween-cuz I'ma hot ass ninja all da girls wanna licc me-they feining for my Candy Cane begging saying sticc me-50 cent collecting cans? But is he messing with Vitamin Water and Coca Colas?-I gotta watch out for these other companies logos-it's like the New Ebola-hoes fall in big numbers for Tooty my phallus-just ask they beater Alice-them hoes wanna do me in twins dats why they never pal less-Im with dem Jamaican freakz-we make honey jam every single day of da week-we smoke that and make numbah 1 hit jamz dat top peak-we got da Jamaican Tunes-I hope you like jamming too-she got them lips-dat won't quit-making me feel dat Godly view like Union Plaze Downtown how she works it-like if the Plaza was da Inn-and Las Vegas Blvd-was extended Brooklyn-got me feeling myself way 2 much on blast-I would of really asked-myself for my own autograph-and personally tattoo signed it on my ass-in all blacc-but I can't-reach that far bacc-so I'm really just assed-them hoez my Blue Emu-they take da pain away they blew until I moo-that's why one of them hoez lips are now blue-these lame ass busters be putting way 2 much on it-not the 2 on the 10 not the 10 on the 2 but the 4 on the 10-like they putting 2 much on it-2 times 2 much equals 4 the 4 on the 10-like the 410 Freeway bitch take some mileage and cars off that muthafuccah-they putting way 2 many 35 wheeler semi truccs and Monster Big Foot Truccs on it-after giving these punks the big foot right after I got out The Pen-but you grew up with me???-WTF???-I barely even kicced it with some of these punks-on the streets a matter of a few months-and dats at the most can you say "SCAMMERS" tryna use a real nigga rep to collect stuff-and to all you other wanna bes I already called you out and called your bluff-so keep your bitch mouth shut punks-tryna use me for the street buzz-they got victims catching the Hives and bumps-all because these wanna be frauds tell people they grew up with me huh???-kinda funny why I'm suing these chumps-lying, snitching, defamation and libel slander is they specialty cuhzz-I was locced up ever since 1997-until almost 2011-from 14 years old until the age of 28-but how did these lames grow up with me when they been lames claiming the fame-everyday all day-them punks just mad cuz I got her looking like Paula Jai-all day everyday-drunk as fucc off my Toot Juice like Don't Be A Menace-she buzzin like Da Hive you could just feel the glow of the Original Hoodstar in her presence-big painting of my niggah Tooty on her blacc dresser that's her lifetime eternal present-she call me the Flyest God Zeus on my good tip Odin on my bad-she my Devine Anemi-Lady Kamikaze she gotta be-rollin up them big giant talking trees-in The Hobbit movies-with Sam & Frodo as the white cracc-smoke them Primos all day until we invisible and they can't see our ass-I guess she feeling my last mixtape cuz dat ass is getting fat-she eating up my Lean Style my wicced West Craft-fucc deez hating lames Ima take they shit-then after dat on them Ima take a shit-with there took shit-anybody dissin Big Took u a bitch-diss and get your shit took quicc-by this KazeLunatic-I'm spitting out the grilled out Lions Gate with Dreamworks on the grill-only in the movies could you afford the Hi Def animation bill-I spit so crooked too-for CrookL.And foo-my teeth two broken fences in the Dirty South-when the Mississippi overflow then I bring the clean flow out my mouth-I filter it with my saliva-Brita Ridah-the tea abusing Great Brits don't like me-Mak 11 Da Foxx with chiccen fritters inside me-I wanna wrestle with WCW hoes-Starcade Celebrity ones dat eternal glow-get them in my finishing move Da Undertaker Tombstone Headlocc so they eternal choke-they be fighting with my Great Muta they Space Harrier Clones-look how they make my Golden Eggz glow-they make me come out my suit to clothes-like foes when they hit Hero-in Ghouls And Ghosts-from the Genesis they Eve-in Thug Luv with my Adams Apple Seeds-they spit The First Game with a mouth full of them-Old School Pimpstress conquered Da Serpent-I took them hoes to Twinkiville & showed them the very tru meaning of cream filling-with a splash of Nougat mang they gotta feel me-mix it with The Hives Golden Cali Honey my Vanderbill Queenz-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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