Green Tea
Sipping on Green Tea feeling Lean Mean it's killing the hunger for more but still I gotta get the score YamaMotoYama gotta a ninja on Prelude Honda CRX Dropped my calories stock but still I stay on thick big block enter the Green Dragon Bilbo Green Tea Baggins feeling invincible is the daily top principle ask Kroger by the bundle what's it hitting for Ralph's the new NewsBerry's/Albertson's 25 cent sodas Presidents Choice Private Select like a Green Tea Bag it keeps the pep in my step the pep ci like Pepsi Wild Cherry feeling like me living my childlife all over again after getting out after doing 14 years in The Pen retired the haters like my C.D.C.R number T-41526 & my Y.A #81219 paroled from prison at 27 from CSP-SAC feeling New like Folsom Loki Green Balling out gassing these Gasaholics I keep them Green Tea Bags by the pound in my wallet I could call it if I want it and if I want it then I call it like a Callahalic Sade smooth rejuvenate the grooves as I sooth the feeling of Bad News on the line I'm canceling these Operators on the Power Lines I'm a Surgical Doctor with a scalpel razor electro currents flow through me like hoes in heat with they bodies tingling I give them some Green Tea mixed with my Candyman sugar cubes mix in some Green Fairy to keep them loose & unglued & Jiffy Lubed I'm a Chief with Auto Parts like on Garfield Ave & Newmark ask Channel's I'm short of a whole Mexican Menu of a combination I'm banned from Baskin Robbin's cuz I'm a Hellboy named Jason so my Family gotta get the Birthday Cakes that be waiting time trading with trail blazers like Portland I spit that Port by the Land it's looking like Green Tea Insanity Drank no Ville or Amity just Vanderbills with clammy sheets are tight Virgins live in my waterbed filled with the purest H-20 as clean as it gets Pixar Wizards we paint so pinnacle bizzar get paid like all Bizzars till Hell freezes over with Blizzards my Crayons were colorful missles what I draw glows like radiation my ink scud I get puss like every blister Jesse Blubird fly we clean like Rabbi you want beef heres some B.B.Q Rib Eye we crack your Ribs so Prime Kobe Sinobi's cut ya by the Farm Slaughterhouse Barn is where I paint the Black Sheep white with liquid China White when they pass by good night I'm more realer then The Hood Life that I invented with my Hood Mind I get booty like Mr.West that's the Good Life Auto Tone I got speakers for me who needs the press I'm already blown making Hirashima look like a smoke ball a T.N.T Flower spinning nuclear showers more like just a lukewarm shower more like a sour Warhead suckah butts eat the Deadend till the death the end Incredible Hulk Green Tea & Rainbow Green Kushy like Cappachino & Hash extra cream like T.H.C on top of the mix the sacs I make Rif Rafs kick back when they get a wiff of my bags one sniff they gone to Da LAnd who want a Green Tea Bag I got them like Nick Nacks

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