Verse1. Are we good or bad cause of the things we wish we had or did have but had to snatch on a run and grab grab and run stealing for fun or becuz we have empty tumms that need grub. Am I good because I live in the Bad Parts where too many people done got killed after dark taking sabbaths in the park God's Kindom is a glass house in the stars so I spray the glass with my art the paint pump fresh from the heart am I good or bad Heroin Tar is black China White is white red is crushed cherry blossoms that withered and died blue is true blue gummy bear juice mixed with Menthol cool it's like I inherited souls from the House Of Blues yellow is for fossil sap honey oil from the Bee Lab orange is for O.G Kush mixed with N.B.A Basketballs we aim high and shoot that's the proof green is for Lean mean trees even Smokey from Friday wouldn't touch killa watermelon bubble gum with one wiff you get stuck like tree stumps in the forgotten forrest amongst the land of the lost ones
Verse2. Am I Good or Bad because I live good in the land of the bad thuggery where we on the block real huggery or at that pad cooking up bubbling a new formula call it instant viral mixing sauces with vials serving it for cheap like trials it come with a survey if it's good they never leave and spend all they money in a hurray am I bad cuz I was born and raised in The Maravillas Belvedere Park to the Gardens when I got out of the pen I be there even when the dark gets where the Devil says it's heartless we all just bullets waiting to go out the cartridge I'm just trying to make it to last yard in this scrimage game of life and death it's kinda hard with strife on your every breath I'm good cause I don't lie I put my word on my hide that's my turf my pride no lie but am I bad cause I lie to the faces of oppression just to keep them guessing and at a distance but not with business cause bad business is no business like corrupt bitches in show business
Verse3. I'm Good & Bad like Hollyhood good because I shine like a Original Hoodstar but bad cause I did to much dirt for the Park Good cause I'm Hood but Bad cause I started a Trap that yung niggaz get drawn to not knowing the real outcome to the Aftermath beforehand read my raps listen to my songs I'll put you up on how to get along and belong to a New Era that's way to strong tword is bond don't itch resist the temptation to scratch call my raps Platinum Bond took out Gold Bond stay good by avoiding the situations that are bad in the Land of Good versus Bad them Heroes are really Villians dressed up to play you out on the spoof move looking to snook you fucc a scam with a French Tongue I roll with my Third Eye you can try to peel me Big Face 100 Immortalized so why try I'm good and bad like money it brings joy but it's the root of all evil define lethal cause when you kill people they go to Heaven and come back as Evil Spirits to reck shit while you in the pen regretting on that past pretense failed lesson where your teacher was Mr.Smith N Wesson life is too short but it's good while it last but it's bad cause it's short like a Black hoe complaining about the length of a Asian Man or a Asian Man complaining about a Black hoe saying man all she wants me to do is hurry up and buy but man I'm wit it cause she can suck the one eye out of a monsta pipe so good who needs all night

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