Going In John Henry Sledge Ham Prod.by I-75 Productions
Verse 1. They call me Orel Hearseshire cuz I pitch to da death on my bloccI'm selling the best quacc to my True Blue Dodger fans the baddest hoes give me all there bones just so I can do them doggystyle hit it wicced and wild with my John Henry Sledge Ham in my hand I feel like Mark Henry the strongest man my D.N.A Biology I'm to advanced like Sci Fi technology I control the 3rd Rocc from the sun I'm the master of Geology I'm the Master Swordsmith I slay Master Wordsmiths they can't even be fly as the first bitch ass ninja that I blew out the sky I got the game on locc like the last name of Nicholas Cage I'm that Face Off you don't wanna face I'm fly like John Travalota spitting grease with Denise out of his airplane Gummy Beatz got that sticcy iccy Lean Music to blow too Gummy Bear stones that eternal glow on the tracc is what I expose fool you better pray to me like if I was John Sanford I got University hoes like U.C.L.A, U.S.C, Cal Berkely and StanfordI kicc shit like Heroin addicts having fits going thru fits feining for a hit I got Mak 11 the Foxx game all the chiccens I outplay tell ya the sky is fallen Asteroid Sonic Boom right on your Russian tube live and direct like H.D surround sound in your living room I'm the Ironman on some Bran Murphy shit I get my cheese wedges from hoodrats fixing they merfies with my dicc trust me if I have bodyguards they are there to protect you from me ninja dats on me call me Mr.West like Jerry on some Buss shit paccing it tight like M.T.A my stadium never empty main the fans my brain cells in my brain I'm to jazzy to fly that's the reason why I get them Blue Notes like E.M.I I launch scuds like Damascus army rebels call the tracc Aleppo I been recording 4 a year and already got multi platinum credos my cyphers is famous war medals they ride on you like the 4 level I keep my money the freshest like just baked crispy Pringles I keep my crispy singles in couples like Christian Mingle call me Sparks Network cuz I keep it lit Ima Dillenger rolling up Smokey and the Bandit and smoking him Fem Fatale my strap she stand the tallest when she blast my casino air flow keep niggaz up fo sho I'm 24-7 in Ocean 11 mode no need for no sequel how we 211 roll

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Going In John Henry Sledge Ham Prod.By I-75 Productions song meanings
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