They'd paint The Whitehouse Rainbow if they could-they sit here like undercovers on Facebook just to snitch on you-& frame real brother's in Da Hood-you ain't got no G we took dat-this Lean who needs a Chorus & yo hook ass-if you went to Da Pen you'd get violated like took ass-this some real Westside Crippin like Took bacc-that's in ChinaTown but in East L.A it's Raymond Washington B.A.C-C.C.O's & Blue Notes got my cacc-& all real Crip's believe dat-& Damu's to Groove's-N-Hoods to Geez on da Move-5 & 6 Point Stars to Piru's-Peeps & Folks-Norte's, Bulldogs, One Threes, & Whiteboys with skulls-I feel bad for being to loyal to a bunch of funnystyle nerds-that won't see our real money piles in da turf-Ace Venturas investigating K-9 drug sniffing dogs-tryna to find da homies stash houses like a fraud-claiming A.B Asian Broads-the only strap they ever had was a Wonder Bra-no wonder they in law-tryna to snitch on me for what happend to Wonder gone-who overdosed off a bad combination-it wasn't me I was in The Pen "Patiently Waiting"-to hit da streets to all da big booty freakz clappin to a L.Ast Man Standing ovation-you see they fucced up cuz of lacc of communication-they call it hating-I call it that & faking-jealously will do that to a mark from da start-close but no cigar-da case face punks try so hard-to be a real member of "Da Park"-you see they claim to no me real good-but it's kinda funny cuz they really ain't hood-they tried to sticc around for a "FORTUNE" they will never see-& I stucc around like One Eye Willy with my real Goonies-punks better try some Fortunas-cuz they won't get nothing from KazeLoon bruh-same punks always been jelling-cuz I always got dem hoes Kitty Cats railing-you funnystyle niggaz say you hard but you laccing da pavement-about to be bankrupt but you said you paid bitch-hating on niggaz funnystyle got you unmade bitch-with your unpaid clik-you said you was real dats very vague bitch-I'm Da Lion King you on some little Scarface shit-pointing fingers at real convicts-scared of real convicts-dats why you dropped bombs & snitched-this little nigga name The Game think he live like me-talk about he left da hospital took 5 like me-who cares if you did you not P-A-C-you live in fantasy nigga I reject your deposit-da word you been snitching on Jimmy Henchmen it's out of da closet-God don't like ugly dats why your album sales keep dropping-& I heard they looking for ya Mr.Potatoe Head you get peeled up in Compton-& why da fucc don't you ever do no real time huh?-you looking like the strawberry Koolaid Man with a glass jaw huh?-don't get rolled up in them Bellflowers & get smoked ya punk-the only time you wanna get brazy is in da club-other then dat you a rat dat gotta rat pacc & jump-cuz you can't see no real niggaz cuhzz-you fucc with KazeLoon-I'll put your blood on da moon-I got your fair one punk come hollar & get it soon-ain't no need for no publicity-we will do this in da cut in da city-just sign this Right Signature contract-cuz I ain't gonna be held responsible after I explode on you on contact-& what other bitch ass nigga want that?-funnystyle niggaz come around da town-yeah they claim it but we put da pave on da ground-L.A L.A big city of dreams a great place to visit-you see you claim to be The Face of L.A but you need more then just a witness-you see I'm from Original East L.A ever since 1982 been living-

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