Verse1. Free easy burn it's free and easy to learn copy your rights like copyrights it's your hobby naw your life take time to consider so you don't have to reconsider and be a Indian Giver tough on the liver to digest bad thoughts that are ill to digest the real intent ain't learned until your dead and the rest has been said down the drain all if you would of copied your mainframe stay hard like your drive burn your pride it's only your ass don't miss your chance send your copyrights to the U.S Copyright Office it's easy to get burned in this Land of Milk and Honey anything can happen when it comes down to some money
Verse2. Fox Tab Mak 11 Hash Tag zap ya with my lighting bolts leave ya Shoked when I roll Shock Vox the Foxx Mac Rep on a G-Swag Step 100 is nothing if it's counterfeit I cross counter with the rebuttal of God who can challenge it no one he's the only one that can judge us when wrong this road is narrow and to long walk it right burn what you write record it or take pictures of it protect your intellectual property rights it's ironic they mad and sad they should be glad I rap about times in the Bad Lands the artist that do don't sell like Country Land Bubble Gum Pop Juicy Fruit Lyrics and all I opened up the door for everyone is to get a settement score it's so ironic they should be throwing a parade for your boy I'm the one who helped them connect like the Wi Fi Android I showed them the ropes while other folks wanted you to choke they kept tightening the ropes around your throats till you gave up and lost hope I'm the real Hero Loc
Verse3. Most of The Top 40 lyrics are deemed nice and society worthy so why you hurting looking with bitter eyes of contempt and scorn at me my song lyrics is Insane maddening with The Mad Hatters Insane Herbal Tea I cast a doubt on your cloud so you pout what clout you don't even know what the The Top 40 is without a doubt those are the money makers the ones with the oats like Quakers so they sound nice and calm cause they get it by the palms hand loads to the feet handles of cream filled up in there tea you be on some bunk missions wishing that my shit come up missing yeah right you just getting caught fishing trolling with no tolling that's like no 200 but paroling no gate money from the gate you hella funny looking at me as the culprit but I ain't Jimmy Iovine & The Big Three Music Companies you say teach me how to Dougie but you Howser funny come out the closet and be free of your agony and misery that you blame on me but I don't sing Top 40 or Country at least not yet new booty's learn the laws of society then you can collect on them music sheets I bring the beef to the Industry and audatories like Jeff Carney I got Killer Bee Armies buzzing and swarming off my Honey Oil ink why do I care if you blame me for not being meek and too weak I don't dirty mac I get it right the first time you thirsty for life looking for someone to blame for being too dry why ask why go ask Bud Dry cause when it comes to The Throne you ain't getting it call it Bud Light kill your Industry Buzz 4 Life and if I didn't it's because I just didn't try TWORDS FROM THE WISE 3RD EYE

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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