Foxxy Hens in my Foxx Den who stalks men with wanton intent get hellbent then hellraised with some pins in your head pin the tail on the jack ass who needs to jack ass I got Warehouse Joker Jack stacks on lawaway save it for a rainy day then bring out the pot of gold turn the rain into yellow sunrays what a fun way to be outshining other Rappers gunplay spit spattle rain drops in a Rap Battle spoon fed by the Big Dipper laddle feed the ones who tattle poison snake rattles Diamond Back stunting gray bike color of rain when I slide by your life or mines in this Fox Trap Life pluck they feathers thru the stormiest weather dissapear when the dissers near reappear with the dissers rears tax and annoted bogus lies get you toted outvoted by the noble wise vortex spitter black hole spae is dinner new era forgiver forgiving the unforgiving bless them with Widgets wisdom you need a bump a hit I'm giving out free Widgets like if I was the richest flipping Mr.Sander's K.F.C "Krazy Flipping Cities" brick by brick freemasons freeing mayhem damaging other skyscrapes with knowlegde from my brain shatter your Spires no liar afraid to burn in Satans eternal fire burning with liars so I'm turning in Michael Myers turning Helloween back into Halloween a trick is our treat decorate toes with tags then tell ya eat my feet double triple ripple dipped with Alcatraz concrete like my teeth is it the Capone in me what tax evasion I don't pay taxes I make men pay them smoking Sifilis Philly logs till the bog is gone exhale Primafrost fog Primadonna blogs of what I do in the Downtown Fig smog GrandLand Champs supply Champs with them brands Pro Image cap dealer splash some whitening T.H.C on top snowflake white bread winners circle of thieves by da caravan of Kings Robin Hoods for what I pass out Basking Robbin's goods by more then 31 CA. Cali in da alley smelling da sherm from the Crazy Ones out on parole still down to Johnny 5 roll robot pop lock I drop hot when the Summer gets Mad I pop off Gizmo Duck Head from the cluck heads they saying what drug is next? Down ass fools I'm selling screws like used books to schools Kraftsman I rat pack da Land Dr.Wiley can't find me Alpha girls from the first thirst saying O Mega Man I clock Omega grams by the Hourglass sands Omax upper class for a Big Face top that your watch stops fast when I decide to go to sleep the world as we know spins around me it keeps revolving endlessly like my gees with the Winter cool breeze to the Summer Heat Spring Break Cake get it by the Tar Heel foot load by the Big Foot load slamming Dominoe Pizza Shack it's Lil Jack back running it back for Marco Polo's & Michaelangelo's on the Mound the corna is where it's at think fast blink faster one wrong stare spells disaster Albacore Bastards Loon Bombs when I blast ya the Dungeon Master's I been mastered like a 8 Track to a Blueray D.V.D Bluejays Long Fidelity D.B.D offspring the flyest live & breed the highest I bleed springs from the Arrowhead I spit to much flow for you to get with let alone digest digress when I die yes cause I'm the best thing to ever be a entity the unseen is what you should fear me I done seen everything thru Kalidascope Third Eyes Tricops hooked up with Cyclops yeah nigga you gotta die I break ankles with the highest hi tops crossover killers taught Tim the more easier way to get Golden State paid like a Warrior from Saul to Paul buzzsaws to Lumbermills I turn Mr.Enigma The Riddler into a Pre School jigsaw the hood my Foxx Den chicken heads they want this they haunt dick cocka doodle doo I keep there cocks hot Red Rooster Rosemead Paperstacks hot cash get a hot fax quicker then a hot flash no Cape On I take off no simp too Pimperiffic terrible is terrific trust me I'm Savant Gifted with the richest wisdom of the wisest spirits yours is just cheap wine easy to find easier to buy no lie we Sebor Abstinithe Kings & Queens with all the Switzerland swiss cheese so miss me I move money like bank acounts in the Alps pack it with diamonds of snow caps by the pound I eat cat no liar like Alf ironically cause of the Pinochio long nose syndrome Japetto wood master when I peddle Bleakwoody Hoodfellows Stay Puff Marshmellow Man in our Smoors we riding for till the end the Apacalyptic score catch a eyesore if you ain't riding for my Third Eye Lord you just turds that die in The Gorge

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