Verse1. Everybody wants to be a gee but never put in no work hands are Virgin clean and never seen no dirt never moved no weight never put on a muscle shirt the only thing they put on was a tight mini skirt didn't even ride when your homie got put in the blacc hearse wouldn't even bust a grape if it was already peeled wouldn't move wit tha steel even if caught your worst enemy slipping like a banana peel never seen no action up in tha battlefield so you need to keep tha streets up out your muthafuccin grill your heart pumps coolaid never earned no stripes when it gets dark outside you take your bitch ass inside and hide while tha real geez busting drive by's out of buccet g-rides smashing on adversaries on sight cuz this thug for life next time you try to portray tha image of a real thug just checc yo self punk because you know it's just a front
Chorus: Everybody wants to be a baller but ain't got no dough everybody wants to be a rapper but ain't got no flows everybody wants to a pimp but ain't got no hoes everybody wants to be a gangsta but never put in work with the crome 2x's
Verse2. Everybody wants to be a rapper but they ain't got no flows when they step to this microphone all they do is choke amatuer but never pros seen a studio can't even rhyme a simple bar with a syllable ya'll pitiful I piss on my foes when I rocc tha microphone it spits sparks and sizzles yo soul and hits close to home deep down inside you know that you will never make it in tha rap game or platinum compose for tha simple fact you can't rap tha only thing you can rap is your dicced up ass lips around my nutsac and that's that you will never receive a platinum plaque never hear an applause or clap dance tha dance or wear the pants you can't even step one foot in tha rap game you ain't never stood chance
Verse3. Everybody want's to be a pimp or a baller but when they pop they collar none of the bitches never holler talking about you rolling on gold ones wit a candy impala but just the other day I seen you in a pinto with yo mama you say that's a Rolex nigga that's a Bolex with no bigets just cubic serconium fake diamonds and when I run a ho checc my hoes checc in you say you's a pimp nigga you look like a simp just keep gripping my candy cane dicc to help you wit your lame ass limp you just like a little chimp wit no chips and you want my banana betwen yo lips you say you got ice on tha wrist but wit no bling or no glist saying you popping tha Chris but you popping donkey piss tha only hoes that you got is tha holes in yo soccs you recclessly eyeballing me nigga I put you in a skirt on tha blocc you say you moving birds but you selling niccle roccs wanna be a Don like me but your just a little snot wit no flows or hoes or dough to show for what you got everybody want's to be something they not

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Everybody Wants To Be(2003) song meanings
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