You's a hoe I send ya right back DownTown you's a foe I smash ya then go right back DownTown to Bauchet Street Old County Building O.C.J right near Denny's I be going to the Union Station all the hoes already waiting with there pussies clapping to a Last Man Standing Ovation feeling like a Original Hoodstar mobbing down Broadway Street getting off the M.T.A the new Richard T. Davis I made it shining famous just ask Amos bailing towards Hill then Ord to Alpine Park lil homies playing basketball a lot done changed like Superman to Clark taking pictures sending them straight to the Level 4 Main Yard loving on Broadway Street the big park Ledo Center rebuilt The Dynasty Center now same shit different day still the same ole CxTown the wanna be Valley phonie homies ain't down for the town they were in Yuma to the double T looking like a sad smelly face frown scared to come on down from they acid rain cloud even if I was Bob Barker and the price was righter then right they wouldn't of hit that Alpine like they hit that flesh pipe all day and night like citch ass swipes Mr.Westly Snipes hiding on the streets scared to come outside & play with me & the real homiez especially at night-they don't stand proud they sat down while I stick out of the rotten apples without a doubt I'm the only one with the crown obviously I got that Alpine tatted on my neck and the L.A A tatted on my face 4 the West from the O.G Homies spot Magic & freshened up by my main ninja Peter Gunz Himalayah's my snowballs Alpine Players my protocal we keep the peace so we don't gotta keep the piece just the Jesus Piece to say the least save a exclusive lease for me so we can go from down to up town and come up and get them baked Sun Chips French Onion Flavored peel them off quick bag them up by the onion sack we have fun like that by the tons in mass turfed up off them Menthol Fortunas & Maxwell Mud all my lil homies copy me like Maxwell Dub Mr.T.D.K The Dillenger Kingpen because I grew up with real Outlawz Kingz in The Pen moving with the Kamilean traffic in The Santee Alley ever since a teen taking the R.T.D ready to die for my city like Biggie bubbling off my secret formula like Vitamin Water to 50 got the secret formula by the Toluca Lakes that's just a E.P demo mixtape still dropping demos fresh on Parole labeled High Risk 4 Da Gang I die with my wrist slit for Insane Kamikaze Honor Code till I go to the next level of this Risk Game I got the Garment district sewed like threads to clothes like The Jewelary Exchange to gold like The Diamond District to icy stones I ride the lighting like a Metallic Bolt Mak 11 exits light steps out of the house and enters the night to NeverLAnd watching twatching eye gawking out for the captain hooks Lost Boys mode getting lost in the night with my Locz always on AmTrak from A.M to P.M flipping them Union Station Tolkens like a Game Day Referee Heads Or Tails we never fail obviously we O.G like the numeral numbers 213 no zero just City Of Angel's Heroes new X-Men I'm Xavier your bestfriend Jean Gray on me like skinny jeans that are gray no Scott just free ya'll fake Chamilions Morph to me if you ain't blending with me we rearending the streets Pay Over Pave P.O.P on pop like Planets are Pop Rocks they pop in our Black Hole then we swallow them whole like DownTown D-Town we all down 4 The Town me & my People's been here since 1920's 1st,2nd,3rd, Streets Brooklyn Ave. Ceasar Chavez Ave. now

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