Verse1. Miss Dee you looking so lovely to me-the total perfect paccage everything that I need-porcelin white body so tight breast so firm hard and compressed-when we first met-it only took me a sec-to get-ya wet-and then you begged-me to undress-and unwrap your body like a present-and caress it-so I did-soon as I unmasked your body it was mandatory-that I just had to stare in a trance and bask up in your glory-mesmerized by her creamy white thighs-she clensed and replenished my soul when I looked into her eyes-my purified-china white bride- keeps my yellow pipe-petrified-my one and only fetish for life-Ms.Dee was hot-like a pot-up on the kitchen oven-we was cooking and baking like Betty Crocker mixed with this Thug Luving-I was tongue kissing clit liccing finger fuccing and rubbing-turn up the temperature on the oven-and we was steaming and cumming-together-now the bond is sealed interlocced forever-24-7 from January to December-Ms.Dee my bullet proof sweater-when it's hailing raining bullets thru tha stormiest weather
Chorus: Ms.Dee you looking so lovely to me-your delicate porcelin white skin shining like silky polished Ivory-Ms.Dee your more purer than tha Columbian Cream-you make me- wanna scream-cuz I'm addicted to you just like a craccfein-
Verse2. Ms.Dee you give me-the heebee geebies-everytime that your near me-cuz I love you dearly-so sincerly-your tha only remedie-that can cure me-I wanna journey thru yo pearl white mind for an eternity-get lost in your creamy white silky thighs-yo milky eyez-I get such a silly high-when I make yo kitty sigh-such a pretty sight-feels I can fly higher than tha city skies-when you by my side-posted on these L.A corners for life-slanging snowball boulders to be precise-whiter then a Poltergeist-colder then tha tundra ice-these smokers they meet my price-get loaded off my white-so high that they'll never be sober for life-and thru tha glacoma night-these tiger vision souljahz eyez-got the built in sonar device-zoning in on tha onetime-rolling thru the Westside-so I scattered like roaches running from tha light-but I'll be up bright and early like-a Jehova before sunrise-still on tha grind-wit my bitch Ms.Dee and her homegirl Mary Jane by my side-thru the thicc and thin we entertwined-for life-they rub me on my Buddah Belly we getting high till we dye Chorus

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

Dope Girls(Ms.Dee) 2002 Prod.By Star Tanner Productions song meanings
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