Verse1. Da drank got me wide eyed and scoping-slipping from focus-fading from dark locs to the boldest tint-everyone knows this-the Neurosis-don't know how to act with Da Drank-can't put my thinking cap on straight-take a drank-then flood da gates-drown lame thoughts in my brain-drown da octane-non stopping-da drank feel taing overmy body-I feel when I'm way passed sloppy-Lean Drank in my autopsy-bringing the checks to this Cold World of Hockey-
Verse2. Da Drank-got me feeling too dank-ho cares about da gank-jacc me for what-I ain't got nothing cuzz-I spent my last bucks-on this drank in my cup-you want it you can have it cuz I drank like it's my last shot-I spit like it's my last shot-like they closing da doors to Nasa-can't get high no moe-no moe record labels-they all closed-they just want Top Foe O-if not then you assed out like a Rape with no kit-and no witnesses to vouch for what the suspect did-ya shit out of luck-good luck-ya probably just drunk in love-with you mug or cup-why would you be in a situation like dat anyway?-nowadays-you scream rape-but why would you be in a place-that you could be taken advantage of so easily-did someone pay-so you could set up another person like a snake?-it don't make sense why would you be Drunk In Love where someone you ain't fuccing stay-to me that's strange-you say friends I say you to nice, gullible-, drunk in love- with desperate people the wrong kind-
Verse3. Da Drank unnerves me to da point of passed comatose-no comma or post-this grammer is strictly for Private Eyes only-like P.I searching to unravel the next phony balony-out to hang the perp like a trophy-on the wall-from ball to ball-I keep it bouncing & rolling like that-A.B.I Brand-I ride dat-like Westside LAnd-where Da Drank is Lean-mixed with Ripple or Gasolean-if you get drunk sloppy just keep yo asshole clean-even behind bars my dome still free-roaming thru society-beware we born lethal-Ricin Beans in our burrito-or your's if you all up in da whole enchillada-life ain't nothing but a Budweiser Chelada-I sip Hot Clam juices-till I'm puking-taking shits call it nuking-cuz I'm on my King shit Duking-with anybody that wanna test Kaze they losing-take a sip of Da Drank & be fusing-lit, sparked, Crunked, & speezed up-feeling way passed drunk-Lord please let me wake up-to see another Sun-and hear the sound of music in Da Slumz-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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