Moving castle roccs in Lancaster-Jig Fly fishing with da best caster-ironic da rainbow indo turn ya into a outcaster-feeling magical in the “Castle of Illusion”-I hope The witch don’t ruin it-don’t get me confused with-Confucious-I’m way more smarter for a Eastside nuisance-I showed the truest how to do this-with my magical blue stick-leaving hoes stuck on it like if it was a Gorilla Glue Stick-how you think they Gorillas grew from a chimp?-still got them colorful jewels in da safe-in the U.S Copyright Office crates-only nigga in da hood dats finna have a custom Excelero with a automatic-cuz I can’t drive no stick no homo no faggot-Lean sipping-then I get to mean tripping-now I’m on tweek flIpping-in the “Castle of Insanity” straight free spitting-I leave them hoes forever wet like 10 X-in they hole bury my treasure chests-like Oak Island with my woody in they neck-my Bleakwoody cold pole-leave them stuck like the Valley Curse victims in the Cold Globe-Rihanna with the big gun in Battleship-training for this-big ole saddle rip-and my snake rattle tip-I’m posted up like the Billboard Signs from Sunset Blvd to driving on the freeway to Vegas-like seeing myself on them with the crew feeling like a Worldwide Playah-you see I’m a Champion Vampire-a Champire-you haters been stamped and expired-they tramps for hire-and I pimp Trampires-that will take my pockets higher-my hoe clam tight she loves to give this Hoodstar a kiss-she got a fat pouch like Starkist-call me Red Hood Charlie together through the flow we swim-I grew up with Blue Herrings wishing they was Charlie from Starkist-but they ain’t got no way no O.J no Sunkist-or Red Hood no Jokers Wild the Joker doesn’t get away no hey-you can hear the Lost Souls whisper through the Armana-sounding like prey be eating in the sharp jaws of Pirannahs-dead ones sounding like no Death Before Dishonor-I brought back the goners-reawakened there persona-brought the GHOSTS back to physical form-cutting up them Cool Edit tracks like green grass & Tak Nakamoto reborn-like my Grandad back with the weed blower-cutting up the green grass like cash real Lean Flowers-taking out them clicks & pops that’s the snakes in the grass-cutting it up like Tak back & Tips green grass hairs now go ahead little homies sweep up that-we moving big units like marvels from Comic Galaxy to Game Stuff-the Pharmacy next to Alta Dena Dairy & Dominoes back with extra stuff crust-Food City fed the Dollar Tree-can’t you tell obviously-I spit and fill up all of Ben’s Aquarium tanks in spirit-with the saucy Leanest spirits-so you could forever hear it-haunted by the Voo Doo-like Shaka Zulu-& we the best like Shaka’s taste from Honolulu-I remember I used to smoke castle roccs & good weed-it was all a hood dream-right here on the same hood scene-we used to blaze it up & go nuts-then go munch-at J.J Doughnuts-like nigga that’s West Up!-the Garfield Inn was a “Castle of Illusion” a hidden paradise I never used to see-used to roll by on the daily but don’t remember a thing-I thought it was the Ramada with a red sign in fact it might of been I cannot recall-used to walk home from Macy & Schurr High & pass by ask the real Geez I had some cannon balls-just a little young Joker Looter mobbin down Crookland-just thankful to make it home down Brooklyn-the Avenue where the real Killers be shooting-not knowning that I would be little George Sir Rot-it’s a Walk Through The Park just to get my 3 points across-called “My Krazy Life” 3 dots-“My Blocc”-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

Castle of Illusions song meanings
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