Verse1. I'm the Top Dawg you punks are just fleas my nig please I nail hoez so much call me Mr.Gatlin Gun I smoke so much bud I rolled up Jamaica in a blunt and smoked it up with one puff of my magic City of Angel's Dust will have you flipping like your stomack losing it's brunch. My hoes are so bad they gotta show they feathers like some peacocks I taught Shun Tzu The Heart of War when I laced with my Lean paints The Art of War I kill canvases with my paintbrushes galore send them frames to my Lord then he paints the sky with them a background for the Angel's I newborn glow brighter then Jesus Christ in the baby cradle I don't lose like the old L.A Clippers when it comes to shooting I'm like Blake spending them Los Angeles Clippers I'm knocking teeth out and collecting them em like The Rock The Tooth Fairy I sit on big thangz like overweight people sit on whooping cushions I'm the Brooklyn Bridge Troll I got 4ever toll you know where the Rainbow Kush is my girl monkey hang like all of the lil kids in the world who hang on monkey bars I'm the ice cream man cuz I turn niggaz into popsicles half and half bars when I cut them cold like Slaughterhouse cold cuts by the body farm I cut Bee Hoes like decks of cards by the Casino Shoe I sting them until they spew Honey Oil & Gorilla Glue Golden Sunshine & Avalanche Snow Piss & Pussy Juices on Kablow
Verse2. I'm so fly all the Venus Fly Trapz wanna eat me in the Pen we turning mice into men we turning men into mice I cut up hoes like Gretzsy & Crosby cut up the ice with there ice skates on Game Day I'm the haystack all the girls searching for my needle so they could sew this Mac I'm a Cannibal nigga I eat shark fin soup I'm the one who taught The Undertaker Tombstone on the trigger I get the scene cracking like Macadamions between some fat peeps teeth my guns bark like Kujo Stephen King pen is the Freddy Kruger Luger to the Ruger Left to Right call my barrel Firestarter I'm like the Aliens looking down on everybody we BossaLeani Forever Godly my hoes is Dinosaurs Omnivores cuz they eat my green weed then they get the munchies then they eat my Kobe meat Jimmy Dean that bottle of Lenny got a nigga like which way did he go George? On hit like Rainbow Lean Pores acid rain went away when we tore the Top Cap of the Magic Mushroom Spoors my gear on hit like Hank Aaron's bat I'm so fly like Will Smith Dumbo Ears they two Lears I'm tight like The Great Seal when it comes to that almighty dollar compared to us you ball lighty and you Allah I got 126 Rainbow Stones and they not bigets your's dyed easter eggs lopsided mines as well rounded as it gets BossaLeani my Game Genie is getting mad playing SEGA and hitting the SEGA machine then being Invisible in Black Belt and walking through every seen crumbling enemies Immortaly

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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