Verse1. Keep it Black Mussel tight-like Olympic Black Athletes muscles trained tight-just don't be a motor muscle mouth keep your dental plates tight-dental plates like license plates it's your car your bodies I.D your make-I stay with a hot spicy V-8-my heat secrete stains-Lufthansa Heist-big pon with ice-cinnabun-glimmer young-shimmer young-baptized in Lava Lake Killawaya you cubicsirconiums-in the rough-rainbow snow coned & shit out of luck-Anne Rules-depicts blammed fools-our hands our tools-
Verse2. Kill them with the flow like Liquor Distillers-Canadian Club high till I die tickle tickle-you gotta feel me-Big Ben by the 100 Liquid Benny throw them in-and they talk back like Fruity Pebbles pink gems-take them-with E&J my bestfriends-Christian Brothers C.B & the Benny Brandy family-miss me with that you wanna be Karate Kids you ain't chopping up paper-or haters-just chopping up convo fast talk snitching everyday-from the first day-when you started to talk and spell in the first grade-happy hood turf day-but it's really everyday-
Verse3. Go Getter Green Light K-2-detects invisible thieves that move-like ghost like Oak Island we see you-I spit the Old Valley Curse-when I disperse-bursts-for the old L.A Valley Turf-Derty Fert-I rip them hoes so grand-her dead Grandmother is having my kids not naphrofeliac-I brought her back-from the dead-with my hot lead-dat I spit out of da head-of my Lunatec-Hellrazor-Hell's Savior-Holy Grail Maker-Odd's & Even Breaker-The Director of Life I call the Cutts & Takes bruh-I'm on my Obama on my Renegade riding in The Beast-nothing can stop me-I slice thru this Cold World Hockey-Night Hawking-until the light is to eye gawking-I turn a jaloppy-into a Excelero made out of Oxy's-now you sleep when I pass by-in my blue dyed-tool ride-the color of the O-Zone Blue Sky-with the coolwhip on da inside-my crystal blue glass persuasion-keeps me bug slaying-when I fly down the highway at Triple on Ripple overdrive-with my Angry Birds dropping Dirty Bombs-Kamikaze Swans-27 Mob-Hans camoflague-silence all car alarms-I ball like World palm-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

Black Mussel Tight song meanings
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