Ash to Dust(2001)
Verse 1. With a blacc ski mask on my face and a mini mak on my lap rolling in a stolen caravan 4 deep on that muthafuccin ass ain't no mystery why we out on the late night creep on a hunt for the enemies we won't rest to the jobs complete rolls up to the battle zone my siccness is full blown the first nigga didnt expect it till the slug caved in his dome let loose with major artillery knoccin niggaz dead of they feet make them kiss concrete in a bloody heap now they counting sheep nigga they sleep like eternal dreams my team done seen more dead bodies then a caretaker in a mortuary this shit won't stop can't stop don't stop till my casket drops I evade the cops they raid my spot barricade the fuccin blocc nigga fucc the swat cuz I'm always on the job putting overtime like a latenight hustler on the grind popos working day and night to uncover the latest L.A homicide no links to this G got away scot free my adversaries paranoid they casing up from me nigga Chorus
Verse 2. Ash to dust I don't give a fucc when we bust in guns we trust I thought they told you nigga I aint the one so run when you see me come cuz you finsta get done it's about that time of the month for them pussies to spill some blood prowling thru the jungle on the muthafuccin hunt there they go there they go caught em slipping like a sitting ducc commence to dump point blank range with a mossberg pump split his trunk a nigga hella mad cuz I got some blood on my brand new Chuccs smash off to the cuts bury the 12 gauge shotty with the body in the mud I got a hunch the Feds want me dead a steady paranoid preminition flashing in my fuccin head they raid my crib kicc down the door while I'm still in bed but forever prepared for warfare I sleep with the Tec they run up in my room and said put your hands up Mr.Kamikaze I let my lil homie reply then he got off popping a couple of cops started dropping but in the process they shot me but that did'nt stop me I popped in another clip and kept on popping and chopping left them on the floor like a fish flopping that's when I turned around and caught a hot one right above my spinal column I knew right then and there I was'nt gonna make it to see tomorrow nigga Chorus
Verse 3. I can't sleep at night wake up in a cold sweat paranoid from the constant threat so I keep a tight grip on my Tec I'll never die a natural death my enemies won't get me yet cloccin my every step tryna figure what a nigga do next on guard I stay on my tip toes better yet my P's and Q's always one step ahead cuz I refuse to fuccing lose my incarceration has got me cautious now I'm up on game cuz nowadays niggaz will kill you for a rep and a name aint gon be nobodys stripes ghetto raised in the streetlights and I live by code ride or die to survive and stay alive duccing the homicide ain't hard where I'm from cuz if your ass get caught slipping then your ass is gone when I finally die cremate my remains sprinkle my ashes in the turf the snakes will never see me in a grave nigga Chorus
Chorus: Ash to ash dust to dust I don't give a fucc when I bust cuz I'm a Thug ash to ash dust to dust leaving niggaz resting in the mud full of hollow tip slugs nigga ash to ash dust to dust I don't give a fucc when I bust cuz I'm a Thug leaving niggaz slugged in a puddle of blood Repeat 2x's

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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