Oddfellows trying to get ghost but it's too late-your caught by this real gee from Aldergate-what's a Westside Gunn in a Pirates belt?-a German with no troops he ain't got no more wealth-they all jumped ship to the green side of health-a Copyright Pirate with no mail-no booty for the cooties to eat up with the flames of hell-a headless horseman your sleepy hollow didn't prevail-this Bleakwood where we cannot lose the Grail-also in good like Yoshi me and my LOW Team-like Los Oso's West homies from El Paso EP-I load up the Erie Slugs you have to Niagra and fall-what's Lake Michigan to a nigga dat bust bigga balls?-ya'll Cape Bufallo put your capes away-save them for a rainer day-where you will really get paid-not just used as a dirty throwaway-you swear you Susan Way?-but you ain't cool with me or my Mom's or Da A-just a sad faces-with no pies or no Empire to be placing-your creek street dried up to dry gulch now you gonna by law pay Jason-they luccy go keep a nickle in they city-The Fist collapse like Eminem's fraud raps-Michigan been riding with me and AB-we play the John Gotti how a Sammy the Bull fuccing with real GEEZ?-better drop that real fast like those E Tabs-or it's bacc to the lab-again yo it's Florence Super Max-this Trap City-The Queen City with no kitties-how you a King when dat Highway is ours like the City of no Pity-we Saint Paul Immortal to a fake rat-no Mademen will ride 4 dat-you disrespecting Organized Crime The Black Hand-with all these parody plots with the Google Maps-no wonder why you hide all day like a slug in the caps-a bug in the trap-a Stoney Creek P.C when will you ever play in your habitat?-and quit hiding in your shell like a snail that couldn't adapt-you should lost yourself in the Streetlife then you wouldn't of been a fad-Forgot About Donk naw? you got Jimmy for dat-a Rescue Me Operation always in the near at your pad?-a red Cardinal that got dealt out real fast-now you look like Palmero Island trying to battle Rome and Italy you no match-us Belvedere Maravilla Gangstas got something for your bitch ass-it's called reboot you bacc to the past-where reality snaps-and we be at The Don's right above your uprising plans-that didn't hatch-unlike them colorful rainbow M&M's all in your Easter Sunday mask-the two face one I do like Asia Carrera and Tea from way bacc-that's why you look like dat-a fake Yoshi with no Moons to shine knat-I feed ya the Mount Belvedere so you gotta be G-Code after that-like the Monsters Head Shrink it sho did when I started uploaded my traccs-it shrunk even more when you heard who's succing dat-like deez sacs-and a Buddah Ass-I even gave her my Jade Tree Lane Umbrella we see why ya'll really mad?-we posted up in Belvedere Virgin Island's the mini Jade Tree Lane Umbrella's in our glass-they hate Riverfront Plaza in Kentucky-cuz they stole my flow and paid me nothing-that's why Jimmy reps the Arizona Wildcats there red pussies like dirty hoes combustin-virus infected Trojan Worms and Horses they love em when grubbin-like some greasy fries and a Big Mac-go together like Greece Acropolis and Edgar Allen Poe to the Raven all blacc-your ode codes-is exposed-by the Green Enigma's dome-that deciphers and see's thru a fake Biggie clone-a group of hungry Pacmen that ate 16000 plus babies souls-like purple ghosts-it's innocence of people as a whole-because they weird ways is lining up anyone in the weasels scope-or the gunsights of the Whaleboat-Wellington Ponds is they soul-next to Marshall Road-and did Marshall ride dat doe?-Moby Dick with the treasure like Crown Point Drive in Diego-they really Smaug with a smog mask James Creek the Joker Gang-the Beahan or be a Han of The Hunt the Poker Face Snakes-that change from Hearts to Spades-change Clubs from green clovers to red diamonds-those fraudulent plaques ain't shining-cuz them red Phantom cape curtains are shut forever binded-a red Blinky gone quiccer then a blink-to the clink-a Pinkey with no Mafia like a brain that don't think-like Dos with no Amigos like the White Socc with no Yoshi-or Royal Oaks Park with no Green Koi Fish-like Vineyard Ave is Klingerman Ave-and Royal Oaks Drive is Fern Ave-i got lucky Rainbow Chcolate Cookies by Keebler Elf-they turn into Pacman and eat the M&M's like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups like us to Eminem's wealth-with Dre and Jimmy's as well-your green Arboretum won't NBA prevail-your Ferry Trolley Pond won't collect toll no more hay bales-the Gates are closed remember me as a Outcast OutLAw-another Oddfellow that fell victim to the Pacman Maze the trap of Saw-cutting up Rainbow Kush Ghost Paccs with Power Pills as double ups out my draws-you will be a Oddfellow forever after you use our stuff that is all potent and raw-you'll be seeing ghost's-in your Alphabet Cereal bowls-echo'es in yo head like you used my Elysian Park pipe like from Sound of Music and Hugo now who's the Boss?-they been sayin I'm doin it way to Big I might shot?-Ima stay off Wilshire Blvd and avoid the nine pops-that's why I don't go to Las Vegas no more cuz they said I am Pac-bacc in the 80's and 90's I used to walk by the same spot-on Flamigo Road where 2Pac got shot-and we used o drive thru the same spot-where Big Poppa got popped-I feel like that with the Orange Ave Saturn Street Sniper rifle pointed to my knot-we S.Alandale Circle Trapstarz-gotta escape the Octogon to get out the tenacles of the it's a wrap in tar-like LA Brea Pits-where hiding big bones is-like a Pirates treasure burried chest on a sunken ship-it's the Oddfelllows lips-that holds fresh jewels baby bones purple ghosts that never lived-like Curson Ave a baby Kangaroo-in the doomed-pouch never to really bloom-unless I pump him full of life while I step on tar and jewels-and reincarnate the soul of Tootmandoo-feel the tingle start-at Pavillion for Japanese Art-like the buzz kiccin in from Ray's and Stark Bar-my bars will be staying safe like L.A County Museim Arts-and the other Art spots on Wilshire Bulevard-they were in the O.G Den in the Pen-but now mostly registered or waiting to be in the U.S Copyright Office-now they gotta peel ours off like Orange Grove and Orange Streets-fill up that Rose Bowl with that Pirates gold-we want the Pyrite too like O.J on Ron? not quite yet exposed-I'm a Dinosaur in this game they looking up at my feet-like Yoshi C-Walking on L.A Brea Tar Pits in the 213-while these scary lames be skating on fruity popcicles around us-like thin ice to a Polar Bear cuzz-they riding on my Boa cuz I'm the One-like Hollenbeck Park Lake, Wilshire Green Park, L.a Historic State Park, Google Map Images on Ton-2000 blocc tip with the cold wood but never empty in they mugs-with a splash of Avalanche Way straight from deez nuttz-that's they L.A Takeover but never even lived in the L.A Slumz-or seen on the blocc everyday with us-good thang for Colgate Ave or else they realy would of been done-bacc in the days wearing Blue Rags on MTV and nobody gave a fucc-so you switched up-hiding in L.A low key like a straight punk-you Mr.Good in the Hood naw the opposite chump-now you a Blood hoping on everyones dicc but you ain't the one-the barter a Bart Simp classic for a simps son-a Silk Road Trader that started out really ruff-but not becuz of New Orleans you know how he touched-the O-Zone and went nutts-you know who taught Scamelia Airfart how to get lost in some bum-what a way to blow up that and Rednose Pit Biting on niggaz nuttz-that's why you needed oral surgery on your mug-to much sweet Lean for your cups-bitch you a real snake look how you did your own Pops-that's worser then a 45 to the chest heart shot-times every shooting on the bloody red apple blocks-doped up and coked up looking fuccin stupid-you need a face lift come hollar at this Demonic Cupid-you hungry I got some Red Cardinal Palmero bullets?-now what's a uprising when you ain't made and in full to the fullest-you live in fantasies real killerz reject your depositz bullshit-ya'll some gay lookin M&M's with a weird rainbow coated shell-load em up with the Eagle in the nest your nickle plated profession went straight to Hell-I be the Michigan Big C-and grab Lil Rabbit's foot until it's unluccy-no Mission Impossible I do on cruise control no need for 3-or the 3peat-and your big homie Jimmy B-he getting taxed like Jimmy and D-R-E-for everything they own how these Evens roll-oddmen out the game we even you froze-when the Smaug clears you will be suprised who ain't really whole just hoe?-I'll be in the Bird Estates next to Robyn like our Bluebird on the red briccwall-ya'll be Nathan a MC with no call-hollar if you hear me you say?but you didn't get framed you is the Masterpiece-wrong Master P-the last time you gonna see em they the blacc hoe in the red car-or the blacc hoe in the red dress in Mack 10's backyard-boogeying safe n sound surrounded by some blacc bars-lookin like some blacc tail starz-hoodratz with tails on da yard-G.P naw the other G.P they the K.B Toy's the Kaufman Boys-Harry and Joseph or Marshall, Andre, and Jimmy they dads-that's why they little fraudulent fads-Rap God's no Rap Frauds that got locced by the Gangsta Trap God-we Toy's R'Us-like in Big Face Asian Boyz we trust-we put them in the Pittsfield-resting in piss 4 real-4 lovin to steal-and us Pittsburg Steeler's will continue to get rings and deals-why ya'll be some Happy Pitz Meals-how ironic always tryna find a Mad Dog Sullivan for a contract deal-a license to kill-wrong DMV cuz Dorner and Dittman Maravilla took your I.D's and skrill-now you better find a good legal team and cop a good plea deal-cuz your Battle Green lost get ready to drive upstate-lookin red hot and embarassed might be riding on a Grey Goose with no seats-no Rosa Parks them germy bugs hate humanity-that's like sippin on Grey Goose with no cup or bottle now how the fucc did you drink?-it's that Sherman Oaks inside them the Nutty Professor genes-they wanna shoe everybuddy love look how they shrinked-a buncjh of squares stucc in a Porsche Box-like a broomsticc in a Blair Witch bacc blacc pots-say goodbye to the Curson Ave Cursed Fads Byebye men-don't say it or think it cuz then you might end up one-a Sammy the Rat blacc bum-with more fleas then every broke dog with no bones-like a some Coneheads with no obstacles-there course is no recourse-stuck forver on a no Sonic just Groundhogs Day broken record-it's a little bit higher then Elementary like the Ave Record-there the Burnside for burning me you don't have to play baccwardz-always chokin like Winkler Pond a ducchead with no Master-like a big ass succer with no Eminem Rapper-it's like a Paul Castellano hit with no fist and no blasters-you might catch me at the Century Towers-spitting on the Microphone at Century Park Ln Showers-like a MGM Lion with all the power-chuccing up the A like I created this Creative Artist Agency of Stars-on Constellation Blvd-from the Eastside near Macy the Westfield-to Century City Macy's Westfield-posted by the gates-like Century to Aldergate-from ELAC to Fox Hills Drive-from Hillgreen to the Green IsLAnd & Hillside-from The Joker's Heath Ave to Crooklyn 211 BeeKay-from The LAnd where we blaze-to Galaxy Way-from the Bleakwoody & Brooklyn to Garfield Aves-to the Avenue of the Stars we gassin above dat-I get my Big Pops off the Empyrean Way-Almayo in her I do it like El Chapo & his firstmate-like HillCrest Country Club-it's Mak 11 Da Foxx on Motor Ave run-straight to Olympic Blvd and I'm the smokin gun-all in Double fat pies like Empire Blvd cuzz-Pepe the Frog is gone no more hate-what a Marvel hurray-I can hear Stan Lee say-Free Comic Book Day-is like free music pirated and produced by Em & Dre-way befoe the Bird Estates-in the Hollywood Hills of L.A-they sure will be feigning for those dayz-where they had all the hay to graze-I got the Kermit for Curson the cursed son in the box in West Central L.A-like the Looking Glass Mirror to Alice in Chains-the cure mit pouch for the cursed Baby Kangaroo saying hi or bye in the frame-like plagued art that I fixed with my Lean Rain-helped him hop up and down for joy Resurection Born Again-me and Syd K.- will still be runnin Hayden Place-smokin on hay-and freestyle spitting to Beats Audio by Genius Boy Andre-and KazeLoon and Da Gang-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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