I used to ball on the weekends at Fairfax High-roll up the Miracle Mile times the Green Isle and blow to the sky-paint a picture of the Hollywood Hills with the Sunset Strip lights-tryna to move to Viewmont Drive-and literally blocc buy-I got my Jamaican Freak showing my nut in holes that have no name-except for Kaze's private domain-I gave her my cold woody now she go the Winter Gladness-when the Summer Time roll around if I don't give her none she gets the Summer Madness-I got a new company called Gramway-we move big paccages with the magical feel like Amway-no Scamway-they were on the Offense until they hated I brang em the Defense-next time for the Big Dee have a fence-to guard your teeth more like have some traintracks on John Henry Sledge-Mount Rushmore cysts is what we slang-in L.A-that's why they cliff hang-they want to get bumped up real big just like the Dead Presidents face-one hit of our Budd Dwyer will blow your brain-who needs to be live on T.V for you to know that mang-our Budd will leave ya stucc like Pennsylvania's Lifers-times the population that seen on live T.V the suicide of Budd Dwyer-I'm on fire like Curry & Thompson-like the 3 Point Contest-it's a battle for the Golden State Logo-but it goes to me the way this Hellboy shoots this so loco-these dumb niggaz is trusting Bernie Madeoff for they Security Exchange-no wonder why they getting burned with a cold play off all day-they found they impurities and took they pay-I got the Double Crotch Log one of a kind-with the feather design-to make them fly-I make them bad hoes dissapear like Annabella with my Jungle Fever-ain't nobody saying nothing either-I silenced them hoes with my cold pole like Soprano's in the theater-times G-Code believers-you won't find them like John Connor seekers-I terminated them with my big ole Lunatec-9 Heater-I play the Judgement Day God like a American History X shower scene Reaper-call me Headward Furlong-cuz you know my head is on burr and 2 long-I gave them hoes The Tombstone like Valium Killmore-I put them to sleep like Valium Pills galore-they gave me way too much asshead and then I showed em to The Doors-I got them hoes Loken the way they rise my machine-until it blood rain in they brain with my Foxx Mak 11 stream-I took em to The Dark Kingdom but they said it's never no drag-only the way my Tooty drag-then leaves em in a body bag-they came up missing after dirty dancing with me like Jennifer Grey-the luccy ones survived the surgery thanks to the Anatomy of Grey-the rest were snuffed by my real wife Jean Grey-on Cyclops blast infra rays-she dances with stars everyday-these other hoes is just a forgotten reid-they wish they could call me first to last Mr.Daily-they dissapeared after I speared and got married to the Master Son-I put Beth in Cooperstown & I insurged them something no kinda Wonderful-my real hoes will never dissapear they the real Wonders Of Da Globe-I'm almost balling like The Lakeshow salary-I don't need a cup checc hoes been after me-I generally manage myself I only trust me-they knew I had the flow like James Brooks-before I was convicted as a habitual crook-like Pac on some Crip shit call me King James Lesane Crooks-they shot me in da bacc-but I recovered from that-a bullet is a small knife that left me baccstabbed-thanks to Nasty Ashley I can still feel it and roll-Trina up and mix up the Spinners with my DJ KazeLoon flows-100 episodes is relevant the Big Face shows-at Da Big Face Show-honor the ball-cuz this is N.B.A we so honorable-Kobe got that cold look like I used to want to be like Mike-now I wanna kill him all the time-he said it's the Devil The Goat talking to me at night-I got that Carmelo smirk ya'll could score moe then me-but ya'll still ain't fuccing with me-these other Rappers & Artists could sell way more-in the stores-but they still ain't fuccing with me on the Microphone-I play the God like the real Rap-A Lot Records-I Trap a lot of thoughts for the record-hit a bitch in da necc-with my Lunatec-and leave her throat smoking-like if I was Young Dro from Poland-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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