Crossroadz by KazeLoon
You haters will be stucc at the Crossroads driving 24-7-never getting to Heaven-the way you went down your going below no need to mention-I know you can't see me it's called Tremors 8-what you ate about 8 Tremors on your first and last plate-now Chempopos is coming out da middle of your dicced up face-remember the picture of the White Cop hugging the lil blacc crying kid in the streets?-was he another Rodney King?-the way the White Cop looked like he put his rod in his knee?-on King?-to keep it klean-on the beat-or did the blacc lil kid cry realizing that it wasn't the White Cops gun or nightstick?-what a funny caption it would of been-all of this-at the Crossroads how could you choose right after all of this-I'm spearmint clean-fresh from my Sphere Crib in da sea-my Cradle-flowing like Arthur C. Hailey the Record Label- we got that E.T bud that make ya phone home-it's so strong it will leave ya bone on cone- I'll stop your Pacers with the Clippers-shooting this on guard like Chris Paul George cold globe spitters-I get it like the Lakeshow back to back-like Westbrook with da wicked flow on slam-like Zach-a real Chucc Taylor Made Allstar you heard that-no joke how I beat Gordon-like the Joker beating Commissioner Gordon-before the Police and Court Reporters-and before the Police sirens are soaring-I know Mahic like Buck-I make ya dissapear then reappear on a hundred bucks-they real salty-cuz I'm suppose to be-the real Rap Version of Georg Solti-plus the copyright infringement civil lawsuits have been filed see-around ten years ago that's why they act so faulty-hating on even the balls on my feet-they praying that my drunk shoes could talk to the Police-about crimes I never did on these Raw Streetz-niggaz had a nervous breakdown and crashed-like when Jay Rock got the news Kendrick won then he crashed-he probably thought now I'll never be the Top Dawg again-broken bones-and broken friends dat are foes-my flow hot like Dr.Dre & The Game seeing Kendrick win 5 Grammy's in one night-they wish they would've did him like Bishop Lamont on sight-that's what I was saying just last night-now he got the Juice for life-and the Rooftop is his Mic-everyone wanna be like-Dr.Dre album Compton went M.A.D.D City-The Gam'es stomach tattoo got indigestion like Acoli burning like the Hellish City-a bad case of more then just the rotten Green Burrito fo really?-the same Billy Da Goat that went to the same pits as VanderBilly?-Hades times 180-Johnny Bash does Old Polsom?-until the Blood Alley flood Old & New Folsom?-this is One Live Crew-line em up all on the wall like Uncle Luke-and monsta bash all da bad hoes with Toot-my magic rice on hit like Botan-lay hoes out flat on my magic Faton-until they hood ratone-there ain't no sodium less Ramens around here because they want us to die fast-I kicc this shit so heartless and ball to the death-like the Soccer Players on the field going into Cardiac Arrest-Shark ass niggas ain't thirsty they starving-biting on Jaws Stage Props with Marvin-when you upload your music proceed with caution-Cali Swag Jaccers ain't West poppin-trying to start a 2pac & Biggie war-but nobody respects your G that's why you went in the floor-or you feinging for the middle of Smoor's-how you gonna go to war?-you ain't even down for self-you doing bad that's how your own town felt-cuz you was born there-you say you a baller but you a unborn square-I turn hoes bacc into Virgins-by spitting in them Flex Seal Liquid for certain-seal up the globe same way and sew up Earth's surface-you don'y wanna be on my Future Vision T.V-because I watch a lot of Horro Movies-with famous whores on the daily-like we dissing you-with your toyfriend number two-cuz the first happy meal toy didn't know what to do-ain't nobody tryna ball with the Blacc Hollywood they on that Lemontunes-I'm on that Eminem, Jimmy Iovine, Dr.Dre he the whitest when it comes to blacc they on that Apple Itunes-I done told you before I taught the Brotha how to Lynch & Cowboy how to ride-is it cuz of the three K's I grew up with non the Evil Eastside?-I'm the greatest I hit ya so hard-you'll bounce from the Ali Movie-straight to Concussion lil homie-I can get versatile-and switch up the Thugstyle-from Waka Flaka to Fetty Wap-from T.I to the nigga in the mall who almost fought Big Guap-from Lil Wayne to Lil Zayne-I got the Vibe of the Immortal Technique-like the red writing above the picture of 2Pac & Biggie-in the Vibe Magazine-obviously-cuz I'm the Goat the D-just to keep it clean-ironically-I'm Mr.GG-I'm caning females at my private Apolo-got them going both way with there palindrone on AP to Ollo-I could fix any game with my College Trap-like Perry Boy's all you can eat even Hometown Buffet everyday will be bacc-it's just a little walk across the street so they save money on gas-I went from being a Jailbird-to tryna buy a house in The Birds-loccdown-the blocc & town-with the views-if only Instagram , Tumblr, & Flickr really knew-I taught Taron-how to tear it-and tear shit-I taught him how to load up his first bullet called Kingsman-until the Valentines hearts are all Queensman dead-Harry Hart got next-my 4 Queen's of Hearts got me on Kings Man-to the end like the movie Kingsman-they say save it for the birds I said okay-and flipped Pelican Bay-to Blueway Jay-and enjoyed the city view all day-especially on the foggy days-and when it pours rain-I'm going to open up the Koi Fish Tank-it's not Shark Tank-but I could still make you a lot of fortune and you'll love to go to the bank-the excitement will make it hard to breathe you will need more then just a oxygen tank-I put the Blacc Card in her booty there ain't no limit to the pain that I bring-cuz I'm way to big when I hit like if I were Siamese-now charge that to the GAME the G.A is me-even Bull Dykes love me like if I was God's Golden Peach-I took her Downtown to 8th & Hope-then she ate my hope-like the last plate of hope-801 South she flew for the Winter-I enjoy her like the view of 801 8th & South Hope Street cuz Ima winner-this ain't Ritz Crackers this Cheese Nips-that's why I gave em some cheese and bought The Ritz-just ask Carlton?-my Bad Girl said no Vanessa just us & The Ritz Carlton-we real ballers gee-press the remote and open up the Staples Center Roof from 1100 Hope Street-and watch the Lakers ball with Kobe-I take the staples right out like the Doctor did me-on Morengo at USC-I'm the real God's deal Alpha Male in this Abiology lesson-you just the everyday hoe in this everyday Pimp Session-you owe Mega for the storage cuz I been overloading your digestion-with the real deal message-I grab the rocc like it's the Planet of the Apes-all you fake ballers there is no escape-I got the key to the cage-over your mixtapes-copyrights that been on registrate-make sho that I'm paid-royalties paid-to me you straight-then we release your mixtapes-or should I say-also albums that are Platinum & Gold those are also mixtapes-in my Planet of the Apes-cage-luckily I'm a Alien the air up here is thin-hella hard to breathe in Da Loft that sits in-Da Eye of Da Divine Wind-muthafuccas be on The First 48 snitching on everybody so they gotta edit?-only got one hour but yeah we get it-your hood is a rat infested town-that's why your Rappers be sounding like Master Splinter on the underground-you get locced down-now you succing all dat dicc now?-these rat niggaz marketed snitching in the hood-that's only the first 48 hours who else you tell on in the hood?-them rat niggas said it was Leonardo, Rafael, Dontello, & Michangelo!-muthafuccas say they harder always painting the perfect snitch picture you need a cantaloupe-they way to loud when you blaring louder then your own muzzles-you don't need to keep painting the snitch picture we get the puzzle-Cali got way more people-but you got way more snitches on T.V and that's a everyday Snitch Marathon Sequeal-don't be dissing Da Westcoast period-because if so that's to you Why So Serious?-I don't need to be a Asian Vine Snake with bonoculars to see the hoes is swanging-on my Lean Mean Green Thing they wanna be body bagging-this Golden Child gives them hoes the Golden Lance Head Snake-that's why they on me like Blue Locust on Satan's Asshole all day-them hoes are Gorillas out for my Himalayan Honey Bee Magic Sauce-one hit drives them mad they want it all cost-she hits my Blacc Cottonmouth-until she got the very last cottonmouth-they copy my flow I'm they King Water Mocassin-we some Original Trapstarz my nigga blocc em in-until it's on locc and win-in our paunch pit-you haters barely get to breathe-like a Indigo Snake on a newborn Baby Paython hatchling-like a Baby King Cobra I eat up them Olive Snakes-then I spit bacc poison Martini's at the other snakes-until they drunk and overdosed on my Lean Venom from Outer Space-you on that Tomo News-I bring the live raw straight thru your tube-before the News do-I kill it put a tag on Tomo News-all thumbs up Likes on my views-especially from Tomo News-it's shocking my lighting rod I'm like Percy Faucet-I got a 62 foot snake on flawless-that will never turn off rip-there is no escape goat of my long Oar fish on eternal stroken-I beat it up until it's broken and red then blame Red Herring again-so I don't get charged with killing the pussies and go bacc to Da Pen-you wanna fucc da star in the movie I wanna hit the girls in the baccground-cuz I'm ghetto as fucc from the Blacctown-where we live looking up at the hills and put the smash down-they been hating on me that's why they lacc da crown-they don't want another K.Dot 5 Grammy's looking like a Killer Blacc Clown-they'd rather see me on locc bacc down-like 50 with no cash now-I got them buds to make you smarter ike Nootropic's-it's exotic bud imported fresh and new from The New Tropic's-one hot you off to Da Crossroadz like Bionic Rainbow Chronic-gotta cop it-put it in your poccet-like a wallet from Hot Topic-yeah we on it like a P.I-Pro Image colorful caps that looks rainbow weed dyed-I bring the traffic with violence just like Downtown-very agressively when I upload my Lean Town sounds-I bring the mainstream straight out the Undergroundz mouth-Alcatraz Island Lighthouse-is where I made the Rap Game's real crown-out of Al Capone's banjo he played with on lock-with crafty ways like the prisoners who broke out-that's how I handle the rocc-put my logo on it NBA for my blocc-I'm the master of the track-like Biggs of the Great Train Robbery but with all the money bags-filled with Lean Cash-I just buy my way out of max-ain't no need to escape mang-rolling with Seaborn like Sebor-why cuz I'm a Insane Crip born-in this True Blue like the Seafloor-I spit game like a Lunatec 9 on fully auto-with a freestyle from the free dome-on a fair exchange with Nina my clone-she give me the Lead Mask Case and then I get beamed up to a U.F.O-from Vintem Hill like escape from Brazil on parole-she give me toxic deadly head to the death like Gloria-that's why I talk sicc like a haunted warrior-straight outta Weststoria-we be smoking on dat Rainbow Yoshinoya Tokyo and be lost like The Man from Taured-I tear a cat named Calico and it be coming up missing-like Tara Calico on a Polaroid missing-I drown hoes with The New Ring like Elisa Lam-they go Downtown like Cecil Watertanks until they choke on my flow like a Suicide Pact-following Benita one year later gone missing on the lam-she dipped thru Da Well but oh so sicc to Da Crossroads and bacc-on that Elizabeth Short tracc-my crushed Blacc Dahliah's broken blacc hearted bitches I cracced-making the Dark Water come bacc-like that uncurable T.B with the test kit called Lam-Elisa on the testkit pacc-the Lady Kamikaze Girls leave me subliminals-like Left For Dead like Deathrow Inmates condemed crying in pain drowned in pitfalls-like the cradle sphere ball-weird like Aliens but a premeditated crestfall-a planned suicide with cherry blossoms in the baccground picture-a fastlife for the lady in red she wrote her own last scripture-she said see ya at Da Crossroads and sealed the final lid on the big pitcher-her first and last Big Picture-

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