From East L.A Hillside Street to La Jolla Hillside Drive-True Blue Crip City the best sight in this life-my girl sport Rosegold in the Town-they way I gave it to her she shoulda drowned-like the Titanic the way she went down-on my Jacc Crown-you haters een when you tired and need a pillow-you won't roll and get hard with the other armadillos-you can play me once play me twice but the third time you striking yourself out the game-25 to Life will a played out lame-so who did you really play?-my girls love my special drink Saki to me baby Bananna Chonga flavor with a twist of Coconut Rum Passion-it make that Thug Passion taste like Punk Passion-isn't it ironic they Mad like Max because they didn't win-I can relate I just spit the best graphics then they just copy like a Siamese Twin-I could feel The Drop like Tom Hardy-all these other artist do is have stolen Bar Parties-at The Loft on party hardy-like if I was Sherlock always at Homes inspecting pussies in private parties-and they were the Moriarty's-tryna ruin my private parties-these fake ass niggaz putting 2 much on it-they putting on 10 on the 2 before the 2 on 10 even became even numbers and digits-these cats putting way too much hot sauce on one taco that's already hot & blazing-and they already at least two tacos short of a combination-I'm a crazy ass dude I would buy two lots of land in the Hollywood Hills for me and my Fam-then go move up there in tents on some new Hollywood Hillbilles and set up camp-you on the old NY Victorian looking buildings on that Reading Rainbow-I'm on that J.D Laforge only new shiney Riverside Blvd buildings where even the pave is gold-mang these house owners is crooks on Zillow no wonder why people don't go to jail so much any more-there too busy ripping people off legally it's the New Great Train Roberry times four-it sure beats the Level 4-Leonardo had to be beaten bad and black like Denzel to win The Oscar's-I'm on some Revenant G-Code no talking like a cold Mobster-they try to exit the Gorelane but it's just to late-the Freeway-ain't safe-they say-ever since Kaze escaped-I got bundles of that Orange Crush by the 57's-you can smell it as the Santa ana Winds blow it's the smell from Kushy Heaven-it's Indica that will take you Downtown-like Southbound-my bad hoes love to get my balls like if they were in my baccyard playing with Toot-scraping the patio roof-got me feeling forever young when they do-we stunting all true blue on Stardust Casino Video Camera's-they wanna frame me and slam me-with the Blacc Dragon on my bacc in Da Slammer-cuz all my citches da baddest-everybody wanna ram em-when I come around-they waiting for it to go down-with they back up phones and extra batteries-ready for the showdown at least a battery-this Zillow motivates me to do good-so one day I could move out the hood-to a Mansion overlooking the entire hood-it's meditation for me-helps me relax my medication on deez streets-I photo bombed her pussy out with my Cox just ask Deborah-nobodies suppose to be here I hit it and made it dissapear forever cuhz-they wanna blame and frame me-wash me up like every Blackman down Hollow Creek-I'm Buccey O'Hare with Jenna jumping with the trap-called Pontiac-she's my Candywoman on fire when we blast-to the end of the jumps last-fake plastic bitches and weiners get burnt on the grill with Lean Gas-I been Trail Blazer on my Harold Miner-before Rachel could ever find me as a miner-I've been jumping with The Butterfly Effect-I'm a G-Slider from Da West-I'm perfect-like the Alpine tatted on my necc-ain't no need to jump bacc no regrets-this Crip City my niggaz as real as it gets-33 for respect-this Elephant Tatoo on my stomach don't quit-the WS below it stands for Weinersnitchel this is Crip City bitch-the trunk could hang all-it don't end until it feeds my chicken tat on my ankle-my Golden Halo's bring pain-like Lean Halothane-we still the Ironmen even after the worst stillbirth-turn that disaster to a miracle stealbirth-we give ya nose bleeds it's The Butterfly Effect-we flying to high for them other butterflies in the set-The Butterfly Effect Part 2-ain't nothing to what me and Lady Pappilon do-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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