I be hovering over the J.W Marriott-right on top-like Big Ben looking down at Lil Joe-44G has da views dat will leave ya blowed-no need 4 da Hydro-my Magical Pickle got all the calories-and flavor to keep it kosher you don't never need no Lawry's-never out the jar what lid?-it's already airtight on top citch-I'm Da Big Ben Shoemaster I feed Baby Dills to Lil Joe-so he can grow-real green and kosher how we keep the dough-one double 0-catch more then just a eye full-you praying the missle was as big as the Tower Ifel-instead of my Rifel-I bring the Darkside to your nightscope-right along with your life and hope-my Dad told me we live in East L.A M.P-I thought it he meant Military Policemen the way he stays with the heat-plus all the pop pop popping in Da Hood this is World War 213-or more like World War 2 One and Three-I took her my Lady Kamikaze to my Trapanese Suicide Forest with my big ole trunk-now she eternally stucc-choked to death on straight hung-from my petrified anti stump-that's how I took Ally on my Magical Log Ride-now she lives in a fog in her mind-she on me like movie The Fog on white-she didn't bring a tent she sure-knows how to succ it pure-until it smells like Derrty Fert Manure-for sure-until it's unsure-in need of Sure-like hoodrats in the bathroom getting sparred out at Schurr-we tell ya fakes phoniechiwa-you won't be phoning me naw-I'm serving her like Sarah in The Forest-like a Jason Zada portrait-one million dollars will hold me-now her twin sister wants to blow me-and swallow hard balls no Rolly Pollies-chicken fed Farmadillos only-horse fed Barnadillos souly-ginuwine one of a kind whole meat-there ain't no aiding-except with my magical balls the way she ate it-I got her in my Trapstar Hole but I'm her Holy Savior-ain't no monster that can slay her-I got my Badboy Tooty it's in her head-it's in her head-my mainstream took her underground-until all is silent now-just like the Music Industry clowns-that ain't rapping or singing so loud now-run for it-Forrest run-I made them run for The Forrest now they lost and I won-no Gold Medals just DNF-Did Not Finish got swallowed up by the greedy Forrest's necc-Natalie Dormer the bad Naughty Ally in the corner-playing Lil Jacc Horner-on my Mt.Fuji-I'm from Hillside Street so you know she thinks I'm tryna strangle her with my Tooty-but I'm just to big and excited on trunk cuz of her fine ass booty-I stay on the path-like never falling off the tracc-and go with the flow-like following the yarn and rope-be careful for the baccstabbers like Mr.Kinney who will lead you to your last rope-Sarah paid the price for trusting the wrong folks-no hellucinations or maybe just a dumb ass hoe?-spun up by the living dead friendly familiar ghosts-who pose as hosts-it's a Al Film so grizzly the Lava Bear fresh out my Volcano-is Insano-like the Glory Hole in a cave doe-watch out for the Hanya playing the Hochiko Yurei role-drop you with her under the Japanese Stage and eat you up whole-don't let the hunger games be a smart tudor and achieve the goals-not fail at digging for gold-then your Mockingjay-truccing your life away-doing time in a cage-for starting a Crimewave-that went Evilsidewayz-down the One Hades Devilz Highway-she say "I Feel Old" then you should rest ya foe-The Ancient Enemy Timothy Flyte should stop flying in the town of ghosts-because the Original Yurei swallows all the ghouls, goblins, and ghosts-and gobbles em up whole-with The Forest's Lost Souls-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

Big Ben Lil Joe song meanings
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