I bring L.A bacc-like after Magic got red cracc-the die slow that ended the Magic Man-with no magic hat-like Kobe and Shaq-with no cut or hacks-like King James Worthy-unlike how James was feeling unworthy-after the bacc to bacc went front to front-with no one-to assist um-with the Eightballs by the ton-like a pun with no one-to run with under the sun-no word to tricc the seers like readers-and slow anti magic believers-the lovers of D Leaguers-who hate NBA MVPers-because they made it to reach before the star reachers-could shine for the seekers-to be mesmerized by the sheeners-make believers-are trained deceivers-out to brainwash the brain of achievers-before they are made thinkers-with no need for the head crazed shrinkers-he got a bad heart with.plenty of priors-how you think they stay richer then Richard Pryor-it's like crack-stabbing u in da bacc-and stealing your raccs-and those award plaques-I just seen Bill Murry it was like looking in the mirror-this Groundhogs Day making Dpace Jam Music right next to the Riddler-I seen Steve Kerr no bullshit on t.v as well-I be on that Jordan next to Da Bad Gal like her bodyguard on swell- on point like the street Pell-I be all deer gate-like Aldergate-protecting Belvedere like Sentinel in East L.A-the rivers are the flow-they look just like the traccs snakes with loop holes-you have to match them together like soul to soul-like The Riddler to George Elder Memorial Park-a big green gem on emerald spark-that can'tbe put out with any dark-ride on the beat like the sock and shark-above Yoshis heart-like the cover that should of been on Smaugs heart-that was torn apart-with silver arrow Bonaparte-haters mouths porn of art-fucced and boned with sharps-until they conehead marks-we saying goodbye to Molly on da wood-about to be locced up no more glamorous life in Hollywood-in 2002 he predicted it in saying goodbye to Hollywood-just another dead rapper he the real jacker-working with real hackers-I shoot this like R.Westbrook on hit-Like Riggin Street West Ave Brooklyn-the NBA don't get no realer then this-Rawthorne on point-Number Zero can't be popped just like me in Da Joint-we roll on a forever luccy streak me and the Coi Boyz-swimmin in the lost tapes until we fill up the void-with Lean Android-you 60 Day's Atlanta oh boy got beat by the Blood's red like a apple-should of been a B-Dog Blood now he just the 7th Apple-I seen Calvin on AE-then i turned the channel and seen Leonard on the Spurs playing the Grizzlies-he said don'y worry Kaze no takeover-Ima coward you can keep the steak Locsta-no Gravano or The Fist snake mower-damn now I'm trippin I just read the Robert Romero cellphone case-cuz I been using my cellphones to record all day-for like 5 years straight-those quicc tongue rats scared now-no more talking on the phone for them like bitch close your mouth-hey yo-I'm from the Low-the Gore Don on the Brooks-moving bars like crooks-like U.S Extradition Service-moving prisoners like money is my purpose-I'm on point and a little lucky no Spike's Island-Tasmania Ima skip already got me a Tasmanian Angel that's very humpy-I love shoes just ask Lucy-she looks like the Pringle's Man and that's cuz she goes pop like Chloe if you choosey-pointing at us you might get booted-when ninjaz is shooting-like by Lil Man next to the Belvedere Lake they say is polluted?-Dresden street kinda funny you see-was playing with his booty-thinking about D-R-E?-way bacc then-gay ass Em-or does Dresden means Dre's dead?-a early Eazy E fan?-a HWA Hoe With Attitude on the dubsicc-then crossed over and slammed to Dexter Wiggler's balls something dunk sicc?-Eminem should of saved the briccs of his old home-the way he can't out rap Stitches he need at least one to his dome-cuz a fraud that stole-don't count in this Music Industry of flows-not even deserving a undergroud spot under the Mad Rappers who aren't even rap just Rock N' Roll-the real first White Boys out of Detroit to go at least gold-way befoe-Eminem could even steal what I composed-they like Kid Rock's Dad in a sense-they already lost themselves and won't keep a red cent-I'm the real Mad Hatter Rapper right here they forgot about dresden-fucc ass Dre to every Aftermath session-the Doc gonna make sho you do it right or it's your last lesson-on some Bishop the Mountain-who found out how to unmount it?-the things they do for the Juice-is Parody proof-hacking at niggaz melodies with your Karate Suit-a Black Belt Anaconda with High Karate drool-your snake den never hissed with you-just kissed lips with you-mucked it you and your soldiers-and when the bullets missed you-you laughed at Denise part 2-when the bullets came thru-the rearview-and the dirty dozen's unbullet proof-Obie got done like Moby-a 36 year old fag that probably blowed dee?-with that hard as head ain't no doubt he low key-like Em with Porkey-a fake Jason with a mask of a definition of a mad rapper-what Eminem status was as Slim Shady a fad and actor-a unsigned hype that tried to ride Fat Joe's pipe-he was falsely reppin Terror Squad-the way the fairy fraud tore mines off-ripped off my Emerald Way Pear and tore Streetlife off-a big battle with Sunshine-no wonder why?-Eminem loves to collabo with you know were the sun don't shine-now they tryna point Tac's Corner at me tryna burn me for my Red Diamond my Red Gem-I escaped the 180 Devil's Island bacc to the Green Island-with my Dry Gilloteen copyrights-the hoes wanna hump me but I'm like Humphrey a bogard-now I'm over here in Room 309 a C.O Guard-spitting passages of mariselles-on the GA my flows keep the boats afloat on merry sails-with my little homie Cherryaire under me-like Cherry Ave the South East and Long Beach jungle scene-I'm Steve McKing I dust em off man-you little homies are Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman-droppin blocc houses on the globe-you see like a French Guiana probe-blacc and white scopes-that see thru souls-Colonies of the Condemned all holds-no parole-no go-just red stop lights on froze-malware befoe the computer screen ever froze-not just thanks to the Cold War missouls-my bad toad girls live near Peg Place-or Pig Place-like Kermit the Frog & Miss Piggy Place-my ThugLife is a Beech Knoll Road-flippin birds my fly hoes above the Bird Estates for the Dougheney Road-you see the Chinese Master of the Wind Ancient mural in blue and red-you see the red circle it's for Japan and you see them on her Met Gala dress?-the way my Cherry Pacwoman eats my chodai Life's Good-she be begging for my cold wood-my Lil Girl Nina is loc good-did you see the latest Gala-the way she wore the oochie walla-like prada-and dolce gabana-looking like Rasberry Vodka-my Queen of Hearts no wocka wocka-just the talk of the talka-she had em all lost with the foxa-I unmasked these fake Batmen and Robin's-or Bars I see thru there masks and there coded words of war-fake Riddler's and Enigma's pointing fingers like triggers-tryna frame and pin up innocent niggaz-there business being fake Super Heroe's tryna bribe the witness-while they caught cherry picking-a bad Dad Robin's offspring getting offed by him in a instant-while the drunk pruno fruit flies or little bats are coming up missing-now who is the Suspect in this instance?-they call me C-Rabbit a.k.a Buckey O'Hare the real maker of Lose Yourself sounds-the real Slim Shady but I been sitting down-a Streetlife Soldier right on top of The Town-my bootyhole be the Golden Halo crown-I'm loving it no shitting on the proud-the cityiest crowd-the Golden M for Mc Donalds plus the Golden halo is MO-for Garfield Inn Motel where I lean flow-with my Angel's that carry the soul-my bad to Exxon Mobile and the Torrance Refinery-I been gassing to hard over here on the Gas Ave Lean Winery-Snoop is just like Ciara-hating on J.T now Future came to pair bruh-in the Bacc 2 Da Future Time Machine with Space Harrier-he ran the bandz up too much-the Trapflix App done had enough-and closed the curtains on the screen like the bigger figures got clumped-by the monsters in the rattling trunk-if you a broke bitch I ain't taggin no relay relay-if your beat gots tags in it I can still make them press replay replay-call me Hugh Tefner I got OCD for the Number 12-real stories like mines fresh out of Hell-with a real story to tell-you can never escape-a ironic twist of fate-like Arkansas Williams who made a prison break-in a 500 gallon of pig slop just to murder Boren the Warden of the unit of insane-Cummins Unit where the nuts are kept safe-where Williams was kept and executed for trying to take-the soul out of the Greenwood like Pine Bluff just to be in the wild plains-instead he met Soloman Graves-who spoke about his passing away-I'm cool on that I need mines-like a Pizza Bar South Beach slice-that's the only life-big pie-over pipe-I'm getting lost in the sky-a True Blue Castaway from Collins Ave to Cali Westside-just give me the Brooklyn with a gang of chiccen heads-Mak 11 Da Foxx how I had the blocc when I got paroled in 2010-they just wanted the Mexican Nirvana on Lil Italy with Lasauna-they ha no choice to be G-Code Mobsters-after the it's still Michaelangelo's on the corner serving perfect ghetto dreams over schemes-on these East streets-Lil Jaccz Pizza Shacc flipping is the standard brand like Marco Polo's to Cere's-I keep the Rio's sealed-like coke flour and green weed basil to Primo's-like a Red Devil I keep the blocc hot with my Jay all day-just call us the Pizza Man from the Bk-in East L.A-we got the funny plastic white table for you fakes-we post it on your dental plates-and serve the 7th Apple fresh out a pigs face-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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