We will fight all your lies

(The Many) You sit with crowns of Kings, and condemn the Innocent
(The Few) High upon our pedestals, we seek complete control
(The Many) All your greed is bleeding, staining all the land
(The Few) Got to have what we demand, a nation for a slave
(The Many) You sabotage the cries for justice, the screams for Human Rights
(The Few) We take, we gain, in every respect, with every mind we maim
(The Many) Building hopes then paralyzing dreams Minds are going under
(The Few) We feed our fools with fancy talk, ain't never gonna change
(The Many) The broken prides of your fellow men soon plead to you in fear
(The Few) We listened to the screams for help when election day was near
(The Many) So just for your self satisfaction, you sit and reap misfortune
(The Few) We had to be the ones elected.
You will learn to be the ones rejected, Subjected to

(The Many) Suicidal justice, the rich get richer, the poor still suffer
Suicidal Thoughts, explore the mind, time and time again
Suicidal Justice, weakens your will power fades by the hour
Suicidal Justice, only one form of escape.
Justified Suicide
Justified Suicide
(The Few) Vote for us we'll take good care of you
There'll be no more lies and broken promises
Things will change and this country will be proud
Time is running late.
- Hurry bite our bait

Then we will have you under our control
An army of machines, no one will dare interfere
We will have the power to plan the future
A nation's wealth in our hands
We will have total command
We wanna be Gods
We wanna be Gods
We will be Gods

(The Many) Suppressed masses supporting the few,
Born, into power, to leech off you
The underprivileged are protesting as one
Is there justice, will justice ever be done?

Minds in Confusion, who is to blame - They are -
Creating nightmares, you're living in.
Defend our pride and respect, fight for your life
Obtain dignity and honour, whatever the pain

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