?: Oh, still drinks it, man . . . what a man! Gotta prove himself!
?: Talk about childish perversions!
?: Where's Simmons?
?: It don't matter, he's in the, he's gettin' out of it, man, he's no. . .
Aynsley: He knew what he's got out, man
Howard: I'll get him in it . . .
Aynsley: Lemme, lemme tell you something . . .
Howard: Say, you give me the cue and you let me know when is safe . . .
Aynsley: Ok, man, I don't mind being poured on my head, when I'm saturate . . . you can pour it on my head, any time
Howard: I don't wanna pour it on your head, man
George: What I'm waiting for, man?
Aynsley: Just shut up, Georgie
?: There he is, man
Howard: Fucking creep, I can't even stand it! You, you're so child I can't even believe it, man!
Mark: For a year and a half you used to pour water over my head
Howard: Water! It's what . . . I could have stood water!
?: Well, what I'm saying is . . .
Howard: He did it to me
?: A little bit . . .
Howard: A little bit? Feel that! It's still wet, man!
?: Well, listen, [...] look at that
?: We'll listen, man
?: Take me
?: Take me
?: I don't wanna hear . . .
?: Take me!
?: Take me, I'm yours!
?: I'll take you late, man!
?: It don't mean anything now, man! I hear you ranting and raving and you were gonna get me, man
Mark: What are you saying, man?
?: I was up on the second floor of the stairs, he's goin', "Wow, man!" [...] his voice it was getting uptight with eeeeeh!
Mark: What are you talking about, man? Nobody plotted to get you! You [...]
?: No, I mean just now!
Mark: You . . . Oh, that!
?: I didn't mean . . . No one plotted get me, no one wants to get me
Mark: Howard did
?: Now you do
Mark: I wanna get you . . . I'm gonna get you
?: Oh, yeah . . . get me, man

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